What Does It Feel Like In Space?MMM

Well lets find out!

Some facts about Mercury,Venus,and Space are what? If you don't know look below to find out the answer.

One fact about space is that you feel light as a feather. Another fact about space is, Mercurys surface feels just like the moons surface, rocky, and dusty. One more fact about space is that venus is the hottest planet in our solar system it is 450 degrees celcius! can you believe how hot you would be?Wow!

If you want to know some science facts about space and astronauts then you came to the right place.

Did you know that even experienced astronauts get sick in the KC-135,and did you know that that is were it gets one of it's names?Isn't that cool!?

Space is very interesting for many different reasons such as the Sun,it is the most IMPORTANT part of our whole solar system.

If you are reading this flyer right now then I'm garenteed that you know more about space.

So, What does it feel like in space? here you will find the answer in fact there is another fact below about mercury.

One more fact about space is that several probes are studying Mercury to soon find out who is suns new neighbor.


So,what I am trying to say is that space is important for many different reasons such as the Sun is the most important thing in our solar system because it gives us heat and light energy and life on Earth and just the Sun takes one whole half of our Solar System.