HF-L Digital Citizenship Newsletter

September 2018: Welcome

Greetings from HF-L's Digital Citizenship Committee!

The Digital Citizenship Committee is a team of teachers, administrators, counselors, librarians, and other staff members who are passionate about helping our students become respectful, responsible, and safe digital citizens. The committee was created in response to the growing use of technology both in our schools and in our personal lives.

We have been working hard to assess student needs, to create and share learning targets with teachers, and to assist in the implementation of a digital citizenship curriculum. We will be developing a monthly newsletter for parents and guardians in order to communicate our goals, our progress, and helpful resources to use at home with your children.

What is a Digital Citizen?

A person who utilizes skills and knowledge respectfully, responsibly, and safely to effectively use the internet and other digital technology, especially in order to participate in social and civic activities.

Our Vision Statement

To establish an empowered HF-L school community of lifelong digital citizens who always act with respect, responsibility, and safety.

Below are the student learning targets that were developed by the Digital Citizenship

Committee. They are based on close examination of research, technology standards,

and developmentally appropriate practices.

Big picture

Watch a video: Core Rules of Netiquette.



What rules are more difficult to remember?
What are some things you can work on to improve "Online Netiquette?"

Stay tuned for more monthly Digital Citizenship newsletters via E-mail.

The theme for the October issue is “Relationships and Communication.”