Interactive Read-Alouds

Number 19

Interactive Read-Alouds

Instructional Focus

  • Oral Language
  • Comprehension
  • Content Areas

Grade Levels

  • PreK-8
  • English Language Learners

How To Use This Strategy

  1. Pick a book
  2. Preview the book
  3. Introduce the book
  4. Read the book interactively
  5. Involve students in the after-reading activities

Interactive Techniques

  • Make and revise predictions throughout the story
  • Draw a picture of a character or an event
  • Reenact a scene from the story


  • Ask questions or share information
  • Take notes
  • Complete graphic organizers


  • Add sound effects
  • Repeat lines after the teacher
  • Do a choral reading

What are some after-reading activities that you can use in your classroom?