Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 1-4-16

Welcome Back!

These breaks seem to get faster and faster every year. However, I hope everyone was able to slow things down and enjoy friends and family. I was able to put school items completely on the back burner for over a week and that was great! I really hope you were able to do the same thing. This was even easier on Monday when the power went down for several hours and we could enjoy each other without the distractions of TV or internet.

Now we begin our yearly marathon to spring break. This time of year can be one of the highest stressed of the school year due to the poor weather, lack of sunlight, and many other factors. This is the same for our students, we have witnessed a drop in grades during 3rd nine weeks for several years now. Continue to plan lessons that get students up and moving, are interactive and collaborative with other students, etc...

Report Card Grades

Grades will be due at the end of the day on Monday and report cards will be issued on Wednesday.

New Student Teacher

Patrick Luttman will begin his student teaching when we return from break. He will be with Katie for a portion of the time and then transition to Nancy's classroom for the second portion of his student teaching.

Outside Duty

The next 6 week rotation begins on Monday.

Corner of Diamond St. and Sheridan St- Wolf

Sheridan St. Door 1- Berkey (Grab the radio from the staff lounge)

Sheridan St. Door 16- Freels

Riley St. Bus Entrance- Williams

Bus Parking Lot- Hannon, Ratliff, Blomeke (Hannon grab bus checklist)

Riley Street Door 5- Johnson, Brooke Cain


We will not be meeting as a full group. You can use this time to meet as a team and discuss items for the second semester and getting students back into the swing of things.

Remember, building relationships is a huge emphasis and this needs to continue during the 2nd semester. Teams could plan activities to do during NE with their students.

Ceiling Tiles

It seems that many of you are having students paint ceiling tiles for class projects. This isn't an issue but I want you to be aware of several things. The ceiling tiles are not only there to create your ceiling, they are also a fire barrier and required for fire code. We can not have these out for an extended amount of time. So if you have a student painting these they need to take it home on a Friday and bring it back on Monday.

Also, there have been reports of students standing on top of desks to take these tiles out themselves. One report had a student standing on top of chair that was on top of a desk which is an obvious safety issue. If you need a ceiling tile taken down you need to have a custodian do this for you. This helps with safety and the mess of taking the tile down. Especially on the third floor with insulation above the tiles.

Another issue we are having is the mess with paint in the hallways, classrooms, and restrooms while students paint these at school. I know students try to be as careful as possible but the mess has started to become and issue. Please be very cautious with allowing students to paint these at school in the classrooms with carpet.

Changes in Schedules

We will be handing out new schedules to every student on Monday morning. We had many students who's schedules changed and we need to make sure they get into the correct classes.

Some of the changes occurred because we had to drop our computer programming class due to not having a teacher. This caused us to move 25 students to a new elective which may have changed their core classes also to a different period.

Other changes occurred because of our health, PE, and FACS classes. Sandy David will be staying for 2nd semester to continue to teach FACS classes, and we added a 4th section of FACS to help with the numbers. We also had to move Josh to PE full time and moved his health classes to Wolf and Starkel.

Make sure to check your class list for each period to ensure the correct students are in there and that they shouldn't be in another class during that time.

NWEA Test Results

Before break I met with math and language departments to discuss how to best use the NWEA data. Staff will be going over data with each student and setting goals for them. This will take place during class but also during No Excuse time. More detail to come regarding rotating classes so teachers can meet with each student.

Building Project Update

The building project will be heating up even more in the coming months and that begins this week with the architects coming to the school to meet with focus groups. These will be full day meetings that will take place in the data room in the staff lounge. During these meetings they will meet with different departments and focus groups to plan more in-depth details for the project.

This is a very exciting time but we need to make sure any ideas you have are being heard for the project. The general classroom group (Tony, Katie, and Sara) will be sending out a survey very shortly to get input on several things for the classroom designs. This will include furniture, type of display, teacher desk area, storage, etc...

Office Staff Schedule


Tuesday- Deming out all day- Principal Meeting


Thursday- Deming in building but at Architect Meetings all day

Friday- Deming out with Hannon for AdvancEd work