Past & Present Times

Averie Tenor

Article #1 FRIENDS

When awoken on a sunny, bright day, Averie's family didn't know what to do for the 6th day for their vacation. The Tenor family threw out ideas, until they decided since they were visiting, it would be best to go on a tour. Ending up choosing the Warner Brothers tour they drove to the studio. Once they paid for their tickets it was time.

Averie was a little bored seeing the sets, until Big Bang Theory the TV show set was up for sight. Loving the show, she was amazed and took many photos. Next was the Ellen show, it was disappointing to herself and her family when they were told they could not take photos. Although inside it was so different then what you would imagine on TV. Lights, cameras and props everywhere! Moving on throughout the tour, they walked and walked until the tour guide stopped and said "any FRIENDS fans in here?" Averie shook her head happily, remembering she loves and watches the show on Netflix.

Suddenly stopped and turned a sharp corner, it was the set. The set of the FRIENDS TV show. Averie stopped and took in her surroundings in awe. Her family taking out their phones and taking pictures. The guide explained you can sit on the couch and take pictures. The Tenor family sat and surrounded the prop couch used in the show and smiling for the camera. After that, Averie wanted a picture of herself on the couch. Snapping a picture, they then had walk away. A never forgetting moment for herself and her family.

Article #2 Mexican Cowboy

Dancing smoothly and twirling the object in his hand, the Mexican cowboy has a lasso wrapped around his arm. He is wearing a fancy Mexican outfit with a sombrero on. He twirls his rope and does many tricks with it. Moving around the floor doing many different things. Also keeping the attention to the audience well.

This is just one of the many entertainment things to watch. Many different events and exciting acts. He must practice all the time to get it perfectly done like that. Everyone enjoying, watching and clapping. Finishing his dance moves and stoping the lasso he's done. Inspiring to all there and contributing.

Article #3 AHS

"It's always the living that make things hard." Friday, March 27th Averie experienced a one of a time opportunity. She visited the set of American Horror Story TV show. Now, the set isn't just an ordinary set with lights and props, it's a real house. This house has an address and it was up for sale in Los Angeles, California. Someone bought it last year although. This house was used in American Horror Story season 1, called Murder House.

This season is one of Averie's favorites. Also her favorite TV show and it meant a lot to her. She waited for that moment the whole vacation. American horror story is a pretty popular TV show. Averie's family then pulled on the street and took in the action packed house. Some of her favorite actors were standing where she was standing. The owner of the house was standing outside watching her while she posed for some pictures. It was quite awkward but there was a no trespassing sign. When she was done Averie looked at the house and quickly drove away so the owner would not be too upset of her presence. It was so worth it for Averie.