Computer Engineering


What did I do?

The purpose of my assignment was to create 3 types of fully functioning circuits ( logic probe, 555 timer, 4 logic gate circuit). In this assignment i did a lot of things. I started of by building the logic probe circuit and it took 4 days because i was having a hard time reading the schematic. I had to strip wires evenly and watch videos on youtube to understand what to do. I also had to plant resistors and transistors in the right place to make the circuit function properly.

What did I learn?

What i learned during this project is to correctly build different types of circuits. This assignment not only helped me gain a new skill i can use in the future, it also thought me patience which was something i lacked. This assignment also thought me the skills to read a schematic properly and apply the knowledge that i have gained on the bread board.In this assignment i also learned what all the parts do and why they all have to be placed in the right place (eg. transistors, LED, resistors). The funnest thing i learned was building the 555 circuit. After i completed that circuit i feel that i learned a lot and had a accomplished something too.

What did I enjoy?

What i enjoyed doing the most during the duration of this project was building the 555 circuit. I found that specific circuit to be the most interesting as I knew the purpose was for the LED's to flash and once i finished that circuit i found the 555 circuit to be outstanding. I also enjoyed stripping wire as I found that to be an art. Stripping wire and making it straight was something that i enjoyed too. I was very keen on building the logic probe circuit as well as it was the first circuit i will build. I enjoyed working through the logic probe circuit as it wasn't too tough of a circuit unlike the others in my opinion.

What did I not enjoy?

There aren't really anythings i didn't enjoy doing but there is that one. The only one thing that i didn't enjoy and struggled on was reading the schematics. For me in the beginning reading the schematic was like reading hieroglyphics and then i sort of started getting a grasp of it. I still struggled reading the schematic until i finished my last circuit and that is a skill that i know i will need to work on.

What would i do differently?

If I was to do something differently i would use my time more wisely so that i have more time to check my mistakes and cut my strips of wire down to small size.
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