Early Colonial Georgia

Written By Paige H.

What Questions Were Asked?

Who founded the Georgia Colony? What year was Georgia Colony founded? What region was Georgia Colony in? Why was Georgia Colony founded? What were Georgia Colony's resources? What was Georgia Colony's geography and climate?

Answers To Questions

The Georgia Colonies was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe. The Georgia Colonies was located in the Southern Colonial Region. It was founded as a refuge for debtors. As an economical resource the Georgia colonist were pigs, indigo, and rice. (The resource indigo is a dye that was use in ink and now used to color modern day jeans.) As for geography and climate; the Georgia Colonies was the most southern colonies and was lined against the Atlantic coast; as for soil, the soil was most likely acidic and high in alkaline due to the fact rice was such an abundance. For the climate the Georgia climate in the 1700's was warm, humid and had a long growing season.

Resources Used

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