UP close: Babe Ruth

Written by: Wilborn Hampton

Book report by-Noah BOyd

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UP close: Babe Ruth

George Ruth or Babe Ruth was a trouble maker type of kid but ended up turning that around and making a name for himself

At a very early age George Ruth had started to lie, steal, and drink alcohol. Since he did that his father sent him to Saint Mary's school for boys. When he got there Brother Matthias had grown very fond of him and taught him how to swing a bat and catch a baseball. When he got to be older Brother Matthias put him on his dorm team as a catcher, and he was his star player.

After his league championship he was offered a contract of $600 to play for the Baltimore, Orioles, which he accepted.

The second he started to play baseball for the Minor leagues he fit in, and was the best you would every see. Later on in his career, he was traded to the Boston Red Sox's MLB team where he would play in many World Series Championships and get thrown out of many games.

During the off season George got married to his 17 year old girlfriend Helen. Then his dad would die, trying to settle a bar fight.

He then was traded to the New York Yankees and would win many World Series Championships with them and break his home run record many times.

Helen and George ended up splitting up because George was cheating on her.

George then lost his ex-wife from a fire inside her home, and then later lost his baseball manager and good friend. In his last World Series George and the Yankees beat the Chicago Cubs to win it. During spring training the new manager offered him a $1 contract which was very disgraceful, so he refused it and went to play for the Braves. He only played 3 games because of his age and his health so the Braves fired him.


4 Questions

  1. What i enjoyed most about the book? It was about baseball
  2. The book was very well written for a biography book
  3. The end of the book was very good because it was how he ended his career and you can't change that
  4. I wouldn't recommend this book to a lot of people unless you like tons of useless information that didn't need to be in the book