How to Escape Slavery

By: Inna Hwang

Plan to leave during the night times

When it is dark, it is harder for hunters or for search parties to look for you. Then it is time to go north. Avoid an overseer at all times. They are the ones who can punish slaves. It is time to finally escape the peculiar institution.

How to Avoid Slave Catchers and Dogs

  • Dogs have a great sense of smell and are often accompanied by slave catchers.

HIDE YOUR SCENT by going through a waterway such as a stream. It will not carry your smell.

  • AVOID THE BLACK BELT. The Southern region with the largest population of blacks.
  • AVOID THOSE WHO REFER TO YOU AS "BLACKIE". It is a derogatory term for African Americans used by those who promote slavery.

How to know which direction is north

Who can assist you?

Find your way to the Underground Railroad.

  • A system to escape into the freedom in large northern cities, black communities, and Canada.
  • Not a real railroad
  • Secret network of people, places, and routes.
  • Lead and helped by many free blacks or escaped slaves and occasionally white northerners.


It will not be an easy journey to the Underground Railroad. Bounty hunters will probably be on the search for you. You have to go on foot and there will be very scarce amount of food.If you are caught, you will probably be subdued to flogging, or harsh beatings, GOOD LUCK.

Underground Railroad Language

  • Stationmasters- Hides runaway slaves in stations or homes.
  • Conductors- Guides or transports slaves into another station
  • Stockholders- Gives money, food, and clothes to fugitive slaves
  • Passenger/baggage- Slaves


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The Liberator

  • Written in 1831
  • Against slavery
  • Founded by abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison
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Song from a Cotton Field - Bessie Brown