Cooke's Corner

Eastlake Middle School 4.2.18

The Week at a Glance


Welcome back everyone. It's hard to believe that we are in our last quarter of this school year. As we get ready for the sprint ahead of us, keep in mind some big picture items:

1. From April 9th to the 13th, we will be promoting safety week with a focus on key safety drills. We will alert the students and community about the nature of the drills. We will send more information the week we get back from the break.

2. From April 16th to May 11th, we will be involved in SBAC testing. Please be on the lookout for emails from Nathan regarding testing procedures and set-up. On April 4th during TSPs, all students should check their Ipads for cracks or missing secured browser app. On April 11th in TSP, students should do a practice test to get acquainted with the online format as well as tools.

3. Our students did a phenomenal job with the national walkout day to address school violence. They were well-behaved and respectful.

4. Thanks for coming out to the last social luncheon. The next one is scheduled for April 20th and we will have Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Lefty's! Only $5 a slice. They are huge slices! Order form is right here ... Pizza

5. HELP! The Eastlake Education Foundation is sponsoring the Cycle Eastlake event coming up in May. The Eastlake Foundation is a great source of support for our school community. We hope you consider joining the ride, sponsoring the event or volunteering. See the flyers below.

6. We are in the process of ordering polos for our big welcome back opening day celebration for the 2018-19 school year. Please tell us shirt size and preference here -->

Shirt Order.

Let's do this Eastlake Middle School. It's officially a sprint to end. Finish strong.

Our New Mission and Core Beliefs!

We would like your feedback...

Please preview our Mission Statement that our Site Leadership Team helped to create. We are asking that you give us feedback as we modify it before we roll it out next year.


"The Eastlake Middle School community will provide a positive and safe school culture where each student is empowered to grow emotionally and develop academically leading to resiliency and life-long success."

Here is the link for the survey -->

Core Beliefs

Teaching. We believe each teacher understands that they too can grow in their practice and thus engage and participate in productive collaboration regarding practice.

Learning. We believe all students should be provided with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for college and career opportunities.

We believe that each student should have access to a wide variety of support systems.

Culture and Climate. The Eastlake Middle School community will promote an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.

Community Connections. We believe parents and community members should be positive partners in the academic and social-emotional success of each student.

Triton Traits

1. Self-control

2. Grit

3. Curiosity

4. Growth Mindset

5. Gratitude

6. Purpose

7. Zest

8. Parent/Student Selection

RISE Up Feedback

Work in Progress

We heard you. We are going to do our best to modify and change the program as we reflect. We shall resend material out the week we get back from the break.
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Cycle Eastlake

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Our Students in Action!

Student Dialogue on School Violence

Our students sent out a nice message to our fellow students and educators in Parkland, Florida. The students used their voices in a positive manner.
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Your Legacy

A Little Inspiration