Digital Citizenship

Very Important

Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is something that will always follow you. Your footprint contains all the things you do online. If you are wanting to go to a college they will look at your footprint. It is so important to have a good footprint. Your footprint will stay with you for all your life.

Being a good digital citizen is the number 1 most thing talked about in class.

The Grandma Rule

The Grandma Rule is a very useful rule. The Grandma Rule is "Don't put anything online you wouldn't want your grandma to see."


EasyBib is a great website for giving the information that you can get from you URL. You go to and all you do is Copy and Paste your URL into a box and it will come up with a lot of information on that website. Part of being a good digital citizen is that you will give people credit for there work.

Be a good digital citizen.

Hackers and Virus

They are hackers in the world and we all know there are viruses. Here are some ways the prevent them from getting into your stuff.

  • Make your password at least 21 characters long.
  • See if you are on a safe website (https).
  • Make sure all of your virus preventers are updated

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