Getting a job while High school ?

Don't be Lazy!

Want money? Earn it!

  • One of the most important reason is to get themselves their own money instead of asking for money to their parents.
  • Teenagers of now are lazy they think school is a game and that life is just about parties and living life free.
  • When teenagers are in high school they want mostly the expensive clothes, shoes, etc.
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Non-Benefits for working While in high school

  • Parents will be worried about them coming to home too late or working long hours.
  • They will come very tired and they still have to go to school.
  • Time will run out and their days will not be long enough to do school homework studying for a test.
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My opinion

  • Teens should work because they ask for lost of stuff and if money is and issue that is going to be a issue too.
  • I say they should work because i have seen lots people that work and get paid very well as starting job.

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