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Electric scooters: Why not?

Due to rising concern of environment pollution and global warming, it has become necessary that people start using such automobiles that don't pollute the environment. Most of us prefer using the conventional automobiles that run by gasoline fuels but then the smoke they generate pollutes the nature. It's not that we don't have an eco-friendly option for transportation. We have, and that's electric vehicles!

But the problem with us is that we don't use e-vehicles due to one or other reason! Many of us might have some doubts about them in our minds, is it so? Then this blog post would help you clear these doubts.

Investing in eBikes means saving!

We usually think that they are much expensive and at their price rates, we can easily buy a good-quality petrol two-wheeler. Yes, it is absolutely true. But if we particularly talk about YObykes' economical e-vehicle range, then we ensure you that you'll be in profit overall. We mean to say that even though an e-scooter costs you pretty much, they don't require any fuel. They run by an electrical rechargeable battery which is very efficient. Its lifespan is almost 20 thousand kilometers and after that it might need a replacement. If you compare this amount with the expense of petrol, diesel or gas required for a conventional vehicle for the same number of kilometers, you really save a lot! Hence with electric bikes, you actually save a lot!

More use, faster investment recovery!

Compare the resale value of a conventional scooter with the electric scooter after three years or driving almost 36 thousand kilometers. A conventional vehicle bike can easily get you a resale value of INR 15 to 20 thousand. Whereas from the day one you purchase an eBike, you start saving and recovering the investment you have made! The more you use it, the faster you will recover your entire investment!

Apart from this, electric scooters are also maintenance-free. Since they don't have complex components such as engine, controller, gear box, converter, silencer, clutch plate, etc., they do not need heavy and regular maintenance. Also, the absence of these parts makes them light in weight.

In a nutshell, these e-automobiles are economical, eco-friendly and overall a profit material.

And if it's an overall profit investment, then why not use electric scooters?

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