Ms. Kildal's School Scoop

Feb. 8-12, 2016

News from our classroom...

Reading & Writing

Story : So You Want to be President?

Genre: Expository Nonfiction

Comprehension Skills: Drawing conclusions, main ideas and details

Writing: What do you think makes a good President?

Spelling Words: There is only ONE list this week. This week’s words are all about the Midwest region.

farmland pastures prairie Ohio River

Mississippi River Illinois Badlands tornado

buffalo wolves moose crops

soybeans limestone Lake Superior Lake Michigan

Ojibwe canoe Chicago Minneapolis

Challenge Words: plateau moisture dangerous agriculture arable

Math: Unit 6

Skills Focus: Using partial quotients, measuring angles with a protractor, division story problems with remainders

IXL Skills: E.1 –E.7

Science/Social Studies: Midwest Region continued

Other New & Events:

*Valentines can be brought it between now and Friday, Feb. 12