Haley Leis :)

My life :)

  • Volleyball, Softball, & Soccer
  • I love hanging out with friends!
  • I'm OBSESSED with Shopping
  • I love just relaxing and watching movies :)
  • I love spending time with family!
  • Vacations <3
  • Wisconsin Badgers
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10 things you should/shouldn't do when keyboarding..

  • Make sure your chair is right height
  • Make sure to sit up in your chair
  • Both feet have to be on the floor
  • Your body should be centered between b and n keys
  • One hands distance away from keyboard
  • Fingers should be curved on homerow
  • Wrist should be low but not resting on keyboard
  • Be relaxed
  • Make sure you know what fingers should type what keys
  • Type without looking at hands
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