Andrew Jackson (the hero)

His road to being a "hero"

Indian Removal Act

The 1830 Indian Removal Act was urged by President Andrew Jackson who had fought and defeated the creek Indians in 1814, and adopted a systematic approach to the removal of Native American Indians based on this legal precedent and quickly encouraged Congress to pass the 1830 Indian Removal Act.

Trail of Tears

In the Trail of Tears in 1838 Andrew Jackson he forced the Indians out to protect the United States. He ignored their rules, and i think that was brave of him because he didn't show any fear as a President.

Nullification Crisis

Andrew Jackson was a big role in the Nullification Crisis because the South especially South Carolina wanted to secede from the Union and he said "no way i'm the National Government. so he passed the "Force Bill" that allowed Federal Government to Invade South Carolina with the U.S. Army. The south didn't want to get invaded so they agreed to a"Compromise Tariff" by Henry Clay, that lowered the tariffs & and both sides were happy. If Jackson ignored the "Nullification Crisis i think we would be living in a over powered world today.
Worcester v Georgia