Mrs. Relich and Mrs.Theiler December 11th, 2020

Reading Workshop

Our readers have been busy using "Super Powers" during reading workshop. We are so impressed with all the progress everyone has made since the beginning of the year! We started exploring non fiction texts this December.

Language Workshop

In November we wrapped up our Problem Solving (unit 2) in Language Workshop.

We read Ish by Peter Renyolds. Ramon becomes discouraged because he can't seem to draw things perfectly. His sister, Marisol, teaches him that his pictures do not need to be perfect...they can be ISH.

Check out our Ish watercolors.

Math Workshop

In November we focused on addition and subtraction. Students are learning what it means to "join" (addition) and "take apart" (subtraction). We have been busy acting out lots of addition & subtraction word problems as well as using math tools to solve simple word problems.

Part of the unit focuses on Ways to Make 5! This is an important skill as it helps students build a strong number sense. Students are learning what goes with a number to make five. Check out some of the ways we made five this week!

3D Shapes

We have been having so much fun finding real life 3D shapes from our homes and bringing them to school to create a 3D shape museum!

Social Studies

We learned about maps and globes in November. Students explored how to tell the difference between maps and globes and how we use different maps to explore our world. We have made our own maps of our bedrooms. We even created treasure maps inspired by a story we read in Language Workshop titled Sam and Dave Dig a Hole!


We have been learning about motion this week in science. We explored pushes and pulls in class using objects to demonstrate each motion. Our Language workshop book also ties into this exploration.