By Jennifer

What is electricity?

Electricity is a source of energy that we need to run appliances like TV, refrigerator and many more examples. Electricity is produced at the power station by using the wind, water and other natural sources.

How does electricity work?

Wind, water and sunlight produce renewable energy so we could use it again and again. However coal, fossil fuel and natural gas are non-renewable energy and we can’t reuse it. It is really important that we don’t pollute our environment that’s why we use renewable energy more often.

Being Safe Around Electricity

Electricity could be sometimes friendly but sometimes dangerous. NEVER use metal things near an electrical appliance because metal conducts electricity and could kill you. Have you ever see a rubber covering around a plug? The rubber covering makes the plug safer to use however if there was a part which doesn’t have the rubber covering never use it. Unfortunately, if you connect a battery with a short circuit it would get hot and lose power.

Electricity Inventors

Willium Gilbert was the first man who discovered electricity. Thomus Eidison invented more than 2,000 electronical devices. Alessandro Volta discovered methane gas and invented the first battery. Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction if he use a magnet through a loop of wire it would conduct electricity.

Fun Facts About Electricity

*Did you know that in one Amp equals 6240000000000000000 electrons per second! Also, electrons are really tiny that you can’t even see them.

*At the power station the volts has to be up to 500000 volts to deliver electricity to our homes quickly. When the energy come to our homes the volts decrease to 240 volts.

*Did you know that energy travels down the cables at approximately 250000 kilometres per second. Almost like a speed of light!


Electricity is important to everyone, without it we wouldn’t have refrigerators making food last longer. Electricity provide us a lot of appliances like TV, trains and many more. We need to use more renewable energy than non-renewable energy to save electricity for our future.