Hardware and software flyer

Explaining the difference between them and what they are.


A hardware device is something electric that you can physically touch and see. Examples include a mouse, a printer and keyboard. These are all on the outside of the computer but the things inside can be touched as well. Things like the hard drive and computer chips, are hardware that are inside the computer.


Software is something digital that you can't touch. They can be apps, digital files and emails, there are many more as well. Software devices are incredible things but nowadays there is so many that we take them for granted.

Input and Output

Inputs are things you can put things in. They can be Keyboards, touch screens, microphones, scanners and buttons. Outputs are the opposite because you get things out of them. Examples include speakers, printers, headphones, monitors and projectors.

Programs and Operating Systems

Programs are websites that can be used for different purposes. They can be internet explorer, google chrome, safari, python and firefox. Operating systems include android, windows, apple, FreeBSD and debian.


So those are the different types of computer systems, hardware, software, input, output, programs and operating systems.