The Scarecrow

Batman Villain

Origin 1

He lived with his over-religious grandmother, who would dress him up and lock him in a church if he did something wrong. There, he would get attacked by crows. Crane figured out that it was his grandma’s fault the birds would attack. Later, he ended up murdering her (“Scarecrow”).

Origin 2

“He also teaches psychology at Gotham University, but after shooting a gun inside a classroom (accidently wounding a student), he gets the boot. After that, he goes nuts, kills some professors and becomes Scarecrow full-time” (Burks).

Origin 3

“Of course, on Gotham, Crane is still just a boy, but we expect that the series will show the man that Crane will eventually become. It seems that the TV series focuses more on Crane’s father and how that affects the boy, so Scarecrow’s origin story there could be slightly different from what we’ve seen before” (Burks).

Batman: Arkham Asylum

“He appears numerous times in the game, and you have to fight him while under the influence over his fear toxin” (“Scarecrow”). The Joker has taken over Arkham Asylum and and the player has to get everything under control. As the player goes through the game, playing none other than Batman himself, they face numerous bosses, one of them being the Scarecrow.

Meeting with The Mad Hatter

“During the Long Halloween, the Scarecrow worked with the Mad Hatter to rob a series of banks on Independence Day. The plan was orchestrated by the Falcon crime family. They were taken down by Batman and Catwoman” (“Scarecrow”). A plan created by the Falcon crime family is put into play by the Mad Hatter teamed with the Scarecrow. On Independence Day, they were to rob a series of banks, but were later stopped by Batman and Catwoman.