Lincoln Gr. 1, 2 In Person 9/28!

September 25, 2020

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Important Information for Families of Students in Grades 1 and 2

Lincoln is ready to welcome back grades 1 and 2 students who chose In Person Learning on Monday, September 28, 2020. This start date applies to those families who committed to In Person Learning. Those that committed to Virtual Learning will continue as usual from home. Please know that our staff continues to work hard to make sure our campus is clean and safe for your children. We have worked closely with CCSD15 Administration, our Health Services Coordinators, and our Facilities and Operations teams to make sure Lincoln School is following all safety protocols. Below is what you need to know to be ready for Monday. Also, parents may park and walk their child to the assigned door, but parents are not permitted into the building at this time to go to classrooms. We hope you understand we need to follow our safety protocols on building visitors. Rest assured we will take excellent care of your children. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any concerns or questions. 847.963.5700

Grab and Go Breakfast

The link to information about CCSD15 Grab and Go Breakfast letter is here. If you do NOT want your child to receive breakfast food for the week each Monday, please fill out this form.

What to Expect When Children Return to School This Year.

What to expect at school during COVID-19

Bus Safety

SAFE AND SECURE IN OUR “NEW NORMAL”: COVID-19 Informed Bus Protocols in District 15

What’s new:

  • All buses are deep-cleaned nightly, with the same antiviral used inside the school buildings.

  • All touch surfaces on the buses are spot sanitized after each route, with the same antiviral used in the school buildings.

  • Driver and all bus riders MUST BE MASKED for the duration of the bus ride.

  • Rules for optimal airflow in the buses have been put in place.

  • Temperatures will be taken enroute, where possible, or at school before entering the building.

  • Bus capacity has been reduced to <45 passengers per bus, more stringent than state recommendations.

  • Seats have been assigned based on stop order (first students to board, walk all the way to the back) to minimize cross traffic and to maintain social distancing.

  • Siblings or members from the same household will be assigned to sit together on the bus.

  • Assigned seats will be strictly enforced by the driver.

  • Eating/drinking on the bus is PROHIBITED.

How students are expected to ride:

On the way to school:

  • Know your pickup time and route number.

  • WEAR YOUR MASK: if a student is at the stop without a mask, a disposable mask will be provided and school contacted with student’s name.

  • Be at your pickup location 5 minutes ahead of time.

  • At large stops: line up in grade order, big kids first, siblings together.

  • Wait until the bus stops before approaching the door.

  • Board quickly and quietly.

  • Go immediately to your assigned seat.

  • Keep your backpack on your lap.

  • Stay in your seat, out of the aisle.


  • Temperatures will be taken enroute, where possible, or at school before entering the building.

  • At school, stay seated until the driver dismisses you.

  • Enter school quickly and quietly through assigned door.

On the way home:


  • Go to your assigned seat quickly and quietly.

  • Keep your backpack on your lap.

  • Stay seated, in your assigned seat, out of the aisle, until the driver dismisses you.


  • At your stop, stay seated until the driver dismisses you.

  • Exit quickly and quietly.


If parents want to escort their child to the assigned door for the start of the school day, you may park on Cunningham or Farmgate or use our parking lot. Please do not park on Ridgewood as that is our bus lane. If you are dropping your child off, use the car loop on Farmgate. (Access the Farmgate loop by entering from Hicks Road.) When your child exits the car, Program Assistants will ensure they are safely escorted to the side walk to head towards their assigned entrance. Please do not use the Prince of Peace parking lot. In addition to the map below, we have posted a sign at each door with teachers' names listed for easy reference. Students in each grade level, depending on classroom location, will enter and exit through one door this year to help with social distancing. Kindergarten students will continue to enter and exit at Exit 5. Mrs. Brodd's and Mrs. Pinnello's grade 1 classes will enter through Exit 2 on Ridgewood. Mrs. Schmidt's and Ms. Aguayo's grade 1 classes will enter through Exit 3 on Ridgewood. Mrs. Dudycha's, Mrs. McElman's, Mrs. Meacham's and Ms. Martinez' grade 2 classes will enter through Exit 4 on the Cunningham side of the building. Staff will be outside to direct students and families to these doors.
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Chromebook Return

Please have your child return their Chromebook and cord. They will be housed in carts at school. We will alert you if we need to send them home again.

Face Masks

Per IDPH guidelines updated August 13, neck gaiters/athletic neck warmers are not acceptable forms of face coverings. All other cloth or medical face coverings are permitted. We suggest sending an extra face mask in your child's backpack just in case it is needed. Each student will receive an extra lanyard to keep at school to attach their mask.

Daily Activities

  • Parents should fill out the self certify document each morning in your child's lanyard. Lanyards were sent home in supply bags. Please call the office if you do not have a lanyard for your child. The teacher will send home a new self certify document at the end of each week.
  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival at the entry door. Any child whose lanyard self certify card is not signed will be taken to our nurse and/or health clerk to make sure they are able to proceed to class.
  • Students will have masks on in the classroom and will be seated at desks spaced apart appropriately. Masks will be attached to a lanyard that will remain at school.
  • There will be no snacks eaten in the classroom. Teachers can take students outside to eat snacks.
  • The classrooms will be disinfected each night. Wipes, sanitizer and spray bottles will be in each classroom for use throughout the day. There will be periodic disinfecting throughout the day of high touch points by our custodial staff.
  • Art and music instruction will be in classrooms. PE will be outside or socially distanced in the gym.
  • Movement around the building will be very limited. Students will be taught how to use "Airplane Arms" to visually understand social distancing on the playground, in the classroom, and in the hallways.
  • If a student does need to leave the classroom, an escort will be provided.
  • Handwashing protocols and handwashing schedules will be followed throughout the day.
  • Students will eat in the classroom or MPR and will be 6 feet apart and supervised closely.
  • Students will be in zoned areas for recess with just their classmates. Masks outside are required, and students will be socially distanced. Please do not send any playground toys or balls to school with students. Staff will share playground games they can safely play at recess.

Integration K - 4

Students in bilingual self contained K - 4 classes historically integrate with regular education classes for specials each year. By law, students in a self contained program must integrate.

Program Integration – In courses of subjects in which language is not essential to an understanding of the subject matter, including, but not necessarily limited to, art, music, and physical education, English learners shall participate fully with their English-speaking classmates. (Section 14C-7 of the School Code)

(Section 14C-7 of the IL School Code:) This year, additional protocols have been put in place due to Covid-19. To minimize risk, cohorts will be kept consistent across classes. Classes will also be delivered in an alternate location in the building (not in the classroom), social distancing will be maintained to the greatest extent possible, students will wash their hands before and after class, and specials teachers will be provided with cleaning supplies.

For example, when half of a self contained bilingual grade 2 classroom and half of a grade 2 regular education classroom have music, they will move to the music room instead of a grade level classroom.

Classes that integrate:

K: Neuckranz and Carreola

1: Schmidt and Aguayo

2: Meacham and Martinez

3: Troope and Ellers

4: Seidenzahl and Bagg

Grades 5 and 6 do not have bilingual self contained classes. Students by this time, are fully integrated.


Students will exit through the same door they entered during arrival at the end of the day. On Mondays, students who need breakfast meals will be bringing them home for the week. Students will proceed to buses and will be assisted by the bus driver to their assigned seat. All students will be reminded to stay socially distanced during dismissal as they move toward the buses. Staff members will supervise dismissal. Bus tags will be provided for all k-2 students and should remain on backpacks for easy access by staff and bus drivers throughout the school year. Students in CARE will be brought to Exit 1, our main entrance. A CARE supervisor will be waiting to bring CARE students to the art room and/or MPR for after school care.

Bus Information

Please sign in to the Parent Portal in order to see your bus routes.


This update was shared by Dr. Heinz regarding CCSD15's rolling re-entry plan:

New restrictive guidance issued from the Illinois Department of Public Health, paired with several positive COVID-19 cases among our own staff following new teacher orientation one week ago, have unfortunately made it clear that we must delay our re-entry to in-person instruction at this time.

Specifically, our starting date for rolling re-entry will be delayed until Monday, September 21 and be implemented on a modified schedule.

Monday, September 21: Kindergarten and K-8 self-contained special education programs

  • CLA: ACES, Multiple Needs (MN), Early Childhood SIP: Half-day only (9:00-11:30 a.m.); transition to a full- or extended-day starting on Tuesday, October 13

Monday, September 28: Grades 1-2 and self-contained early childhood

Monday, October 5: Grades 3-4

Tuesday, October 13: Grades 5-8 and ECDEC/blended early childhood (junior high in hybrid model)

** We look forward to welcoming all of our in-person bilingual self-contained students back to our classrooms at the same time their grade level peers are scheduled to return.

Virtual Learning Website

Click on the link above for Parent Universities, tech support, instructional information and more.

Chromebbook Issue Google Form

Use this button if you need help with your Chromebook. Lincoln staff will be in touch to assist you.

An Update from the Health Office

Health, Immunization, and Eye Exams:

For the purpose of safeguarding the health of children, CCSD15 enforces Illinois student health requirements. These requirements consist of health, dental and eye exams and immunizations specific to grade and age. Health exams are required for students entering Preschool, Kindergarten, Sixth grade, and those who are new to the school. Click here for required health forms: Required Health Exams and Immunization Recording. ** All health forms are due by October 15, 2020 **

(According to Board of Education Policy 7:100, Health, Eye and Dental Examinations, Immunizations, and Exclusion of Students and Illinois School Code, students who do not provide proof of receiving the required immunization and/or exam are excluded from school on October 15. Students new to Illinois schools, who register midterm, are allowed 30 days following registration to comply with the health requirements.

Dawn Plizga, RN, BSN

Lincoln School Nurse/Enfermera de la escuela

Phone: 847.963.5702


CCSD15 Helpline Available

Do you need help and are not sure who to contact? Do you have concerns or worries about yourself or others? The District 15 helpline is only a call or text away Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Our student services staff are available during these stressful times. Call or text:

English: 847-460-2099

Spanish: 847-460-2129

Calls or texts received outside of these hours will be answered the following workday. You can reach out about multiple topics, including but not limited to:

  • Social or emotional concerns;

  • Resources such as food, housing and transportation; or

  • Ideas on how to support your child

Here is some information from the CDC of how to help your child during this challenging time.

CCSD15 Newsletters can be found here.

CCSD15 news can be accessed through this link.

E-Flyers can be found here.

The link to community flyers can be found her.