My Fable

Cole Gibbs

The Fox and the Hound

One sunny morning Ferrell the fox was roaming around in Town Woodville. Harrison the hound was there. So Ferrell zoomed over to Harrison. Harrison was buying his groceries, but he was only three dollars short. Ferrell felt bad and gave Harrison the three dollars he needed.

"Thank you so very much Ferrell," said Harrison.

The next day Harrison saw Ferrell at the annual Woodville sports games. Ferrell was at administration, that's where Harrison was heading. Ferrell was just seven dollars short. Harrison felt really bad, so he gave Ferrell the seven dollars he very much needed.

"Thank you so much, but why would you do this," asked Ferrell.

"I did it because you helped me get buy my groceries," answered Harrison.

Theme: Kindness repays.