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October 2015

Meet Monica Silva SHSU Library Student

This past summer, I began the Master’s program at Sam Houston State University for Library Science. I started taking 6 hours each semester, meanwhile balancing two children, their extracurricular activities, and teaching 1st grade. Needless to say, I have been very busy. I experienced one of my biggest challenges this summer when I first began my courses. We had a big family trip planned before I started, so having to work through my courses and try to take a family vacation was tough! Luckily good planning and technology worked in my favor. I packed my laptop and books, and brought my syllabus on our trip. With my hotspot, I was able to connect and work while hiking.

I can truly say that my experience in the Library Science Program has been very rewarding. I am enjoying learning all that a Librarian job entails. Because of my courses, I am becoming more familiar with technology and all the programs. This will be very beneficial for when I finally begin working as a librarian. I am expected to graduate at the end of summer 2016 and I can’t wait!

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RD Martinez Elementary Hosts first SISD Librarian Meeting

Principal Patricia Viera and Librarian Zulema Garza rolled out the red carpet treatment for the SISD librarians on Friday, September 4th. Ms. Garza showcased improvements to her library including safe window decor that eliminates outside class distractions, encourages reading, and will protect students safety during school lock down drills or real life events. She also provided a box Subway lunch for all librarians. Thanks Ms. Garza!
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Wernecke Librarian Distributes Books to PreK Students

The Molina Foundation provided each elementary campus with free books for PreK students. Mrs. Patricia Ramos, Wernecke Librarian, poses with a group of her PreK students during Diez y seis de Septiembre.

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Zulema Bewley Reads to All Shimotsu Students

Zulema Bewley was invited to read to the Shimotsu Student Body at the Welcome Back to School Assembly. She read the book, One, by Kathryn Otoshi. The message addresses acceptance of all with a non-bullying focus.
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Rapid Review by Darvin Koenig

Imprisoned: The Betrayal of Japanese Americans During World War II by Martin Sandler

Do you remember learning about what happened to the Japanese Americans that were in the United States during World War II in any of your High School History classes? Me either. And it is no wonder. It was such a shameful thing that I am sure the “Powers that be” do not want anyone to know about it. In 1941, 120,000 people living on the West Coast were stripped of their homes and businesses and forced to live in Relocation Camps. Yes, unfortunately, Germany was not the only country that sent people to camps during the war. Through interviews, photographs, and art created by the internees themselves, Sandler tells this sad story in America’s history.

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SHS Book Club Members

SHS students had the opportunity to assist @ the RD Martinez Elementary Family Reading Night on Tuesday, September 22nd. H-E-BUDDY was a hit with students and parents.
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New Look at SNJH Library

Twenty four more computers have been added to the main area of the library as a result of converting one of the Computer Labs into a regular teacher classroom. SNJH has a record setting student enrollment.

BL Gray Invites Feeder Schools to AR test @ Family Reading Night

Parent Victoria Lopez reads with daughter Peyton Lopez. Peyton is a 3rd grade student at Harry Shimotsu Elementary.

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Pioneer High School S Team

Librarians play vital roles in both their schools and communities. PHS Librarian Janie B. Flores was invited to join in Pioneer High School’s S-Team (Support) to assist with a collaborative effort between the Mission Economic Development Corporation and RGV Lead. RGV Lead works as a liaison between the schools and the business community to develop a plan for a well-prepared and competent workforce—the community’s human capital. S-Teams from La Joya, Mission and Sharyland gathered yesterday at the University of Phoenix to discuss and map out school goals for the 2015-2016 school year. Pioneer S-Team members include CTE Counselor Renee Huddleston, Go Center Counselor Gloria Ramirez, Librarian Janie B. Flores, CTE Teachers Jackie Thatcher, Alex Lopez and Ashley Garza, English Teacher Lydia Gomez, RGV-Lead Student Representative Juan J. Salazar and community member, Nicole Marshall with the advertising agency, MADWorks! Renee successfully led the team’s goal-setting with ease and confidence and the plan of action was quickly in place with recommendations from the group.

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Constitution Day Celebrated @ RD Martinez Elementary

Students from Ms. Guerrero's first grade class learned about the Constitution at the library. They made patriotic hats for the holiday on September 17th.
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All generations can appreciate a good story!

Students pose with family members at John H Shary Reading Night.
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The entire family is reading @ BL Gray Junior High Reading Night

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Shary Elementary Family Reading Night Event

Shary Elementary kicked off the year with a wonderful Family Reading Night event on Thursday, September 24th. Staff from the McAllen Public Library were on hand to sign up parents and students for a library card. We also had student volunteers from the LEO Club and Pioneer High School Book Club to help read to students or shelve books. The librarian, Mrs. Guzman, noticed the high turnout that evening and so many excited about reading and taking AR quizzes. "What a great start to the school year!"

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Constitution Day Lessons @ Sharyland High School

Sharyland High School students had an opportunity to learn about the Constitution in multiple ways on Thursday, September 17th. Classes participated in a LiveStream event from Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, PA; students posed with Lady Liberty Librarian NIcole Cruz and Uncle Sam Teacher Aaron Walker; students viewed the Constitution Display at the library; or students participated in a Constitution Day Video through 2nd Block Theatre Productions.
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Reading and Research Connection

Mr. Ramos connects research to the book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH .

The Jensen Elementary students are reading the book as a group with another teacher.

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LIbrary Card Sign Up Month

RD Martinez invited the McAllen Public Library to the first SPTSO meeting on September 8. Rolando Ramirez and other MPL staff members enrolled our families for a library card. Over 35 families got a library card! Readers Are Leaders!
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PHS Leo Club and Book Club Members Volunteer @ John H Shary

Janie Flores poses with student volunteers on September 24th at the John H Shary Family Reading Night. The students assisted with many tasks to make the event run smoothly.
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What can you see?

The students at Ruben Hinojosa Elementary were treated to a close up view of the moon with a super powerful telescope.
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Lunar Eclipse

Did you see the blood supermoon lunar eclipse?

Stargazers in the UK and in many parts of the world have had their smartphones and cameras out for a rare supermoon eclipse, the first of its kind since 1982, and the last we'll see until 2033.

John H Shary Students Know the Importance of Reading

Tracy Byrd seems to agree! Reading is a definite "nod in the right direction."

Have you purchased your Education Foundation Ticket for the Concert? There is still time!

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LLoyd and Dolly Bentsen Host Public Library Card Sign Up

Mr. Jose Guerrero, Bentsen librarian, had this to say about the event:

Students were very excited receiving their first library card. I could see the joy in their eyes as they held the card in their hand. The weather didn't help the event but we still had great turn out. Rolando Ramirez from the McAllen Public Library was great in signing up students and parents for library cards. Parents were very surprise on the resources the library provides its members. Overall it was great event for our students and the McAllen Public Library.

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Book trucks empty fast with SHS Book Club Volunteers

Mrs. Hartman is all smiles when she has many hands to help her with Family Reading Night.
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Pioneer High School Students Learn About Banned Book Week

Banned Books Week was launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries. More than 11,300 books have been challenged since 1982 according to the American Library Association. The 2015 celebration will be held September 27-October 3. Maribel Morales, PHS Library Assistant, created the display.
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MackinVIA Training Provided for SHS Band Booster Parents

How do I access the Sharyland High School eBook collection? How can I read the books on my device? How long do I have access to the eBooks? These were questions that Mrs. Cruz answered for parents and students at the September SHS Band Booster meeting.
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SISD Librarian Participates in CYBILS

Samantha Silva, O Garza Librarian, is participating in CYBILS this year. It is a the Children's and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards. She participated in this a few years ago when she was an academic librarian.

Now she'll be participating as a first round judge creating the short list for the second round judges in the graphic novels section.

You can find the link here:

Tomorrow CYBILS will be opening all categories for book submissions. That means if you liked a book that has been recently published you can submit it for consideration.

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Watch this powerful PSA produced by the White House.
1 is 2 Many

Jessie Jensen Students Listen and Learn from Mr. Ramos

EXCEL Academy students visit the Jensen library daily. Mr. Ramos is in charge of the research part of their assignments.
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BL Gray Boys Read and Test for Accelerated Reader Points

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Speer Memorial Library Card Sign Up @ SHS

More than 20 families received a Speer Memorial Library Card on September 28th.

Parents attended a Rattler Parent Connect Meeting to hear information about TSI testing, Apply Texas Application process, FAFSA, and Gale Testing and Education Reference Center. Many thanks to the public library staff members Issa Garcia and Samuel Quintanilla.

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Teen Read Week is October 18-24

Celebrate Teen Read Week by visiting your library!
Bella Thorne on her debut novel, AUTUMN FALLS

SISD Lead Librarian Nicole H. Cruz

Do you have stories, photos, or library lessons to share? Submit the information to Nicole Cruz by the 25th of each month to have your students highlighted.