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Heritage Staff Newsletter - May 15, 2017

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When my teenage children and their friends talk about school and teachers, they always share how much they loved their elementary teachers. They comment on those teachers that were excited to come to school every day - they could really tell - and those that were positive and encouraging to them. I am always amazed at what they specifically remember and what they have kept with them through the years. It is always how the teacher made them feel about themselves and as learners.

Each and every day you all are laying the foundation for lifelong learning and a love of school. Thank you for giving everything you have to our students. Our little Heroes are lucky to have you!!!


Updates and FYI's

  • May 15th - 19th: Book Fair
  • May 16th: First Round of Progress Monitoring Meetings
  • May 16th: Literacy Night and Lisa Jett Recognized at the board meeting for You've Got Heart
  • May 16th: Fourth Grade Play Day
  • May 17th: Progress Monitoring Meetings
  • May 17th: Chelsi's Baby Shower
  • May 18th: HES Field Day - Field Day Lunch will be a cook out from Sodexo with a DJ to entertain. Students can eat outside picnic style.
  • May 18th: The district art show reception for Heritage is this Thursday from 5-7pm at Keller Town Hall.
  • May 19th: Second round of Progress Monitoring Meetings
  • May 23rd: Meetings with new Heritage Principal during PLC times.
  • May 23rd: Kinder Orientation - Thank you for making sure that the hallways are clear and the walls are decorated.
  • May 24th: Heritage Senior Walk
  • May 24th: Fire Drill 2:00
  • May 24th: Mallory's Baby Shower
  • May 25th: Talent Show
  • May 25th: Big Kahuna Truck - Details will follow
  • May 26th: CBA Data Due
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Professional Development

  • Monday May 15th: PLC's - GT Training and Update
  • May 15th and 16th: Second grade teachers from Florence on campus to observe our second grade Letterland classrooms.
  • May 24th: PLC's - Terri Levy
  • May 25th: Dream Teams
  • May 30th: Final PLC - Writing Analysis - Please bring all students' bring all 4 Writing CBAs (if you have them) to put in students' Purple Writing Folders.
  • May 30th: CEIC/Faculty Meeting - We will be conduting the campus Needs Assessment

Summer PD - Things to Keep in Mind

  • You will be required to have 12 EQ hours again for next year.
  • Six hour GT update hours for next year
  • Three hours Sheltered Instruction
  • If you are not ESL certified, please look at getting your certification as soon as possible.

Keller U

We are very excited to release the 2017 Keller University Catalog!

With more than 200 courses available, this year’s Keller U will be held July 18-20 at Central High School. All courses will be open and available in Eduphoria beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday, May 6.

Click here to access the Keller University Catalog Flipbook!
(especially great for viewing on mobile devices)


Click here to download a PDF copy of the Keller University Catalog!

Staff Shirt for 2017-2018

The winner is in and it’s time to order your staff shirt for the 2017-18 school year!!

Please fill out the form on Google Docs with your shirt size and pay Lisa $14 by May 26th. I can’t believe we are talking about next year!

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