Faculty & Staff Notes


Principal's Post

What a super busy time of year! BREATHE! SMILE! ENJOY!

It is your time to consider your legacy on the students you have taught all year. Don't let the year piddle away without every student in your classroom leaving with the impression you want them to carry for their lifetime. As their teacher, did you inspire them to think, explore, learn? Did they go home knowing you cared about them as a learner and as a person? Did they learn to love reading / math / science? Did they discover new strengths about themselves that will create a desire to learn independently this summer? What will they say in five or ten years as they recall their year under your instruction? Enjoy the last six week! We have 1/6 of the school year left. Make it count!

Cindy Galloway


Summer Learning Opportunities

I have several teacher summer learning opportunities available for anyone wanted to volunteer some time this summer. I will share a complete list through a Google doc. Please let me know if you see something of interest.

There is an IB training in Austin during the last week of July. I could take a team if we have teachers interested.

Dismissal - Revised

Our afternoon dismissal is starting to ramp up and we need to make sure we keep order to the outside car rider. Dismissal time is 2:45. Students should not leave your classroom prior to the bell ringing.

Out front, two teachers from every grade level, K-5, is expected to participate in student supervision until 3:00 or until dismissed by school leadership. Feel free to rotate this responsibility if you prefer.

iPads Going Home

Dove students now have the opportunity to take home iPads. For the 2015-2016 school year, iPads will go home with students nightly. After discussions with GCISD technology gurus, we are opening the take home window effective June 1, 2015.

Information will communicated to families next week.

Here is the basic kick-start plan for the protection plan paid by parents:

  • Parents will pay a $35 Device Replacement Protection Plan annually.
  • Any plans paid in May/ June 2015 will carry the protection through August 2016.(Students will gain use of their device for the summer 2015 with no additional cost.)
  • After this year, paid protection plans will be in effect August to August.

Dress Code / Texting / All That Jazz

School is still in session. While we may see the light at the end of the tunnel, we have to keep driving! Don't text and drive. (If you need me to explain the subtle directive, just let me know.)

We have college days coming our way every Monday in May. Please keep in mind that even on declared jeans days, t-shirt/no jeans days, or college shout out days, if you have a planned meeting with parents, an ARD, or a district committee, you should skip the dress down day. Opting for a middle of the road college t-shirt, khakis, and non-tennis shoes/flip-flops would work.

Pack It Up / Move It Where?

The carpet is coming, the carpet it coming . . . .

Yes, we have to pack classrooms again this summer. The good news is that you can stack boxes on any permanent cabinets in your classroom as long as the summer crew can easily work on floors. Boxes are in the front workroom, BUT boxing is banned until Thursday, 5/21. We are still teaching, right?

Now, I heard the mumbled all the way down the hallway. . . . "if I only knew where I was going to BE next year," . . . Never fear, the master plan will be shared on Tuesday, May 12. Your patience, and humor about the wait, is appreciated. :)


Monday, 4/27

  • GCISD Board of Trustees Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
  • Cardio Club: 2:45-3:30

Tuesday, 4/28

  • PLC Day
  • Choir, 2:45-3:30
  • Dove T-Shirt Spirit Day

Wednesday, 4/29

  • Sky Ranch - 5th Grade
  • Cardio Club: 2:45-3:30
  • No Choir Practice (Sky Ranch)

Thursday, 4/30

  • Sky Ranch - 5th Grade
  • No DDD Practice (Sky Ranch)

Friday, 5/1

  • Sky Ranch - 5th Grade
  • Field Trip: 1st Grade - Perot Museum
  • Jeans Day


Monday, 5/4

  • DDD Performance on Good Morning Texas
  • Cardio Club - End of Year Party: 2:45-3:30
  • Art Club, 2:45-3:30
  • Summative Conferences

Tuesday, 5/5

  • Kindergarten Registration for 2015-2016, 5:00-6:30 p.m.
  • PLC Day
  • Faculty Meeting, 3:00-3:30
  • Dove T-Shirt Spirit Day
  • Summative Conferences

Wednesday, 5/6

  • Choir: 2:45-3:30
  • Summative Conferences

Thursday, 5/7

  • Dynamic Drummers: 2:45-3:45
  • Last Day for Boxtop Collections
  • 1st Grade Field Trip - Zoo

Friday, 5/8

  • Jeans Day

Saturday, 5/9

  • GCISD Math Telescoping Exam, K-7


Monday, 5/11

  • RTI Day
  • Art Club, 2:45-3:30

Tuesday, 5/12

  • Choir & DDD Performance, 7:00 p.m. @ GHS
  • Faculty Meeting, 3:00-4:00
  • Dove T-Shirt Spirit Day

Thursday, 5/14

  • Cici's Pizza Night
  • Field Trip: 4th Grade - Austin, 5:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Friday, 5/15

  • Jeans Day
  • 2nd Grade Field Trip - Dallas Zoo (Rescheduled)


Monday, 5/18

  • 5th Grade - APOP to Marketplace
  • GCISD Board of Trustees Meeting @ 7:00 p.m.
  • Art Club, 2:45-3:30

Tuesday, 5/19

  • Dove T-Shirt Spirit Day

Thursday, 5/21

  • Choir Trip: NRH20
  • Let the packing begin.

Friday, 5/22

  • Field Day (New Date)


Monday, 5/25

  • Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, 5/26 - Friday, 5/29 - Celebrate Freedom Week

Tuesday, 5/26

  • CEC Meeting: 3:00-4:00 in Library
  • Dove T-Shirt Spirit Day

Wednesday, 5/27

  • 3rd Grade Field Trip - Arboretum

Friday, 5/29

  • 3rd Grade Economics Fair
  • Jeans Day


Monday, 6/01

  • Kindergarten Field Trip - Dove Park

Tuesday, 6/02

  • Dove T-Shirt Spirit Day
  • Kindergarten Awards, 8:00-8:45

Thursday, 6/4

  • 5th Grade Graduation, 9:30-10:30
  • 5th Grade Clap Out, 11:00-11:15
  • LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: Early Dismissal @ 11:45

Friday, 6/5

  • Boxes not on stationary cabinetry will be removed for the summer.