Mechanical engineering

By: Garrett Gersmehl

What Mechanical Engineerings Do

Design mechanical products and systems.

Education Path

Helpful high school courses are Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Technical Writing, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra. Also need a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering.

Cost of Education and Living

One year tuition $10,728

Four years tuition $42,912

housing for amount of time in college (most are for four years with summers off)= $3,000 food/groceries for the amount of time I will be in college (most are 4 year degrees) = $2,500

gas money for travelling/helping pay for carpooling during time at college (4 yrs.) = $1,500

clothing money for time at college (typically 4 yrs.) = $1,500

total tuition for total time at college (typically 4 yrs. with summers off )= $_42,912

Grand total=$55,912

How to Pay for Eduacation

I would need to get a scholarship or a loan in order to pay for college. I'd also have a partime job to help pay for college. I think that this is a career that I'd be happy with and I would be able to pay off my loans while working this job.

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Pros and Cons


1) Make good money

2) Work good hours that stay the same

3) Good job outlook


1) Competitive job market

2) Be in a machine shops most of the time

Advertisement script

Do you like to work indoors? Good with machines? Good at math and science? I got the job for you, it's mechanical engineering! You make/design mechanicals products and systems. Your work environment would be working in a engineering shop. College would be paid off quickly because you make around $47,000 a year even though you need to get a bachelors degree.