Friday Message

July 17, 2020

Dr. Glaze's Message

Below, please find the much-anticipated Tipton Community School Corporation Reopening Plan. The Plan, Plan Overview, and Essential Points are linked below and can be opened by clicking on the button.

While a difficult and challenging task, we believe this plan makes the most sense to meet the diverse needs of our district as we navigate a new era of education. The plan supports our objectives of providing an inspiring and engaging learning and teaching environment for all students and staff at TCSC while balancing well-documented, effective safety measures that minimize the risk and potential spread of COVID-19.

The plan has been designed to be fluid, flexible, and includes the best practices to ensure that our staff and students can return to school in the safest, least disruptive, and most productive manner possible. It also allows for mitigation strategies when those practices become impossible to implement at Tipton Community School Corporation.

With that said, these guidelines, strategies, and plans are dynamic and can quickly change. Current recommendations from government agencies could become requirements. We will keep you informed with any changes to the current plan when adjustments are necessary or required.

Because of the changes to the start of this school year, we know there will be some questions. To best address and respond to your questions, we created a short online form for you to submit questions about the TCSC Reopening Plan and/or TCSC Virtual. Click the button below to access the form and submit your question(s). This form is also located on the website. We will begin posting responses on Monday, July 20. We appreciate the opportunity to answer questions and concerns.

I also want to share a special note of thanks to our School Reopening Task Force whose hard work and dedication over the past several months helped produce a well-constructed student-centered reopening plan. We are also deeply grateful to our parents who shared their input through surveys and ongoing communications with the district which also greatly contributed to the contents of the plan. We know there is still more work to be done but we take comfort in knowing that we are aligned in our objectives and are working together for the best solutions to the unique challenges we face during this pandemic.

Part of our Reopening Plan is the creation of TCSC Virtual, for students and parents concerned about returning to school due to COVID-19. TCSC Virtual has two options that are explained in the documents at the bottom of this page. If you wish to have your student participate in TCSC Virtual, please complete the questionnaire below.

At the end of the day, I think everyone gets that school is going to look different than it did last year. The reality is we are living in hugely different times. These times are going to last into the foreseeable future. What hasn’t changed is our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality education, critical services, and our unwavering efforts to providing as close to “normal” school day for students and staff as possible under the current circumstances. #TiptonPride

We Want Your Questions!

If you have questions about the TCSC Reopening Plan or TCSC Virtual, please click the button below and fill out the form. Responses will be posted quickly beginning July 20 on the TCSC website (

TCSC Virtual Plan and Questionnaire

The buttons below provide access to the TCSC Virtual Plan documents and our Virtual Questionnaire. We have two virtual documents, one is our full plan and the other document is an abbreviated version of our plan. Finally, if you want your student(s) in a virtual option, please complete this questionnaire by July 24, 2020.
TCSC Virtual Questionnaire (Click Here)

Please fill out this questionnaire as soon as possible if you are interested in TCSC Virtual for your student(s).