Ancillae Tech Cafe

A little bit of tech indulgence for everyone! Nov. 2015

Get the latest dish on tech news at Ancillae!

Our Ancillae Tech Cafe will give everyone a chance to see some of the great new tools in classroom technology and sample some of the amazing work of our teachers and students. It will even give you some helpful hints from some of our Top Tech Chefs!

Every Month we will be sharing our Ancillae Tech Cafe menu with our staff!

The Ancillae Tech Cafe newsletter will consist of the following:

Appetizer: An App that will be highlighted including ways to use in the class.

Main Course, A tool that can be utilized in your classroom

Dessert: A fun and engaging tool to use with your students

Featured Chefs: Highlights of teachers who are utilizing technology in their classroom

Chef Technologists Tips and Tricks: To help make your technology life a little easier. We are hoping you will "eat it up"!

Do you have something you would like to share with your co-workers? Do you have a project utilizing technology that you would like to highlight. Send us your information!

Menu of the Month

See What's Cooking at the Science Fair!

Tech Cook of the Month: Vanessa Melinson

Vanessa implemented QR Codes into her Seventh Grade Science Fair Projects. Students took short videos and created QR Codes to attach to their Project Boards. As people viewed their boards they were also able to scan the QR Codes with a short video of our students explaining their projects.

Use your QR Reader to scan the barcode below for a surprise video!

Big image

QR Code Recipe:

  • Download a QR ReaderApp from Self Service on your iPad
  • Log into Office 365 and Go to your One Drive Account
  • Go to the bottom left of your screen and click on "Return to Classic OneDrive"
  • Select the item you would like to make into a QR Code by clicking the circle next to the item
  • This can be any type of file ex. movie, PP, spreadsheet
  • Select Share at the top of the screen
  • You will get a dialogue box:
  • Select "Get a link" on the left side
  • Click drop down arrow on box and select your viewing and editing option
  • Click on small phone between 2nd box and the word Remove
  • This will generate a QR code for your information
  • Print the QR Code and attach to a presentation!

Tip of the Month from our Tech Chefs :

If unable to access the internet, type in to prompt the splash screen. This will allow you to access the internet once you put in your username and password!

Chef Connelly

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