Western Lowland Gorilla

Gorilla gorilla gorilla

Physical Adaptations

  • Having long arms and short legs gives the gorilla a natural quadrupedal posture
  • They have large muscles in the jaw region with broad and strong teeth
  • Average temperature in Africa is 70-90 degrees F

Behavioral Adaptations

  • The Western lowland gorilla is generally calm and non-aggressive until they are disturbed
  • they don't display territorial behavior

How do the adaptations have a positive effect?

  • the way their bodies are formed make it easy for them to climb well and give them the ability to build their nests

What i would do to help the Western Lowland gorillas to thrive is to create a protective area for them that way poachers don't have the ability to capture them and eliminate habitat destruction that occurs through logging, mining and slash and burn agriculture.

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Why are the Western Lowland Gorillas considered Endangered Species?

They're endangered and almost going extinct because of the poaching that occurs in Africa and also because of the disease. Such as, Ebola, which has caused 90% of the mortality rate for the Western Lowland Gorillas.
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