It's More Than Just Rain Or Snow

Is weather a signal?


  • An author can use rain to create a good or bad atmosphere.
  • Some atmospheres rain can create are: spooky, lonely, depressing, etc. What does rain symbolize?
  • In a good way rain can symbolize a new fresh start
  • in a bad way rain can symbolize illness or even death. Examples of rain use in books, poems, short stories etc.

" My Sneaking Tears" By Mark R Slaughter

How heavy fell the rain that day
From burdened clouds of mournful grey.
The torrent forced them stay their height -
Composure swayed by onerous might.

My skin wrung wet with icy chill
As mud embraced that sodden hill;
But mind of mine had elsewhere gone -
'Twas clouds abandoned I was on.

The driving drops advanced their gears
To camouflage my sneaking tears -
Whence now did swell such floods of pain
To see me melt into this rain…

On equal bearing now were we:
This rain, myself, in harmony.

In the poem "My Sneaking Tears" by Mark .R Slaughter He uses rain to make the atmosphere dark, depressing, and even have a little remorse feeling.


The author can use snow to make a good or bad atmosphere.

  • Snow can symbolize good and bad
  • If the author describe the snow as being clean, playful, inviting, soft, white, or even playful, the author is setting a good atmosphere
  • If the author describes the snow as being filthy, Inhumane , yellow, or even death, the author is setting a bad atmosphere

"The Snow" by Katniss Everdeen
See the snow
Its a blanket, soft and white
Falling slow
Covering the world, making it bright

Hear the snow
Crunching underneath feet
Children throw
The snow in the street

Smell the snow
The freshening scent
As the steady flow
Makes my heart content

Feel the snow
Powdery, it freezes your toes
As the blanket starts to grow
And the cold wind blows

Taste the snow
The way it makes the world look clean
Still cold though,
Makes the world, a beautiful scene

Love the snow
When I see it snowing all day
I just know that everything is going to be okay

In this Poem the author uses snow to make the whole poem have a good atmosphere by describing the snow as white and powdery tell the reader that the story will have a good mood and tone


When an author uses a rainbow to set the story's atmosphere, the author is referring to a religious purpose, or the author can use the rainbow to mean that there is some type of hope, and lastly it can be use to show peace on earth.

"When I Look At The Rainbow"

Lord when I look at the Rainbow you have placed in sky so
blue, it reminds me that all your promises are true
Your Rainbow reminds me that those who believe on you

are few, yet you have called us your little Ewe
Lord when I look at the Rainbow I see it's hue, it reminds
me that your love for us true
Your Rainbow in sky so blue, reminds me to keep praying
Lord when I look at the Rainbow it reminds me of your
promise to all of your creatures some of whom are of
different features

Your Rainbow and it's many colors reminds me that it
represents some whom are called colored
Lord when I look at your Rainbow and see how it's colors
are bright, it reminds me to do what is right
Your Rainbow I have never seen at night, this reminds me
to stay in the light
Lord when I look at your Rainbow it reminds me of your grief
because of our unbelief

Your Rainbow have no pot of gold, but your wonderful story
of love it has told
Lord when I Look at your Rainbow it reminds that you
promised to never again destroy the World with a flood
Your Rainbow to me is a sign of your love it represents
your Son's life Blood

Vincent G. Mead


The author uses fog to set a weird atmosphere. When the author uses fog there is some confusion between characters, meaning people cant see clearly and there is some mental and physical clarity.


Fog is mysterious, wet and dark.
Fog blurs your view and makes you unsure of what's coming next.
Fog creates wishes of people from beyond coming back.
Fog feels wet against your face so that you can't tell whether you're crying or just
moving forwards.
Fog chills you to the bone.
Fog holds your secrets with care.
By Lucy Grainger


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