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Tucker High School's Weekly Tech Tips

Vol. 1, 2018-19

Tickling Tech Schedule

Every Tuesday, at any period of the day, stop by the Media Center to learn a cool new trick with technology. One computer will be set up to let faculty try it out. If you don't have time, just stop by to pick up a handout. Older handouts are located in Ms. Barber's office OR online http://www.tuckerhs.dekalb.k12.ga.us/TicklingTech.aspx

Chromebook Screen Resolutions

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Reserving Laptop and iPad Carts

Laptop and iPad carts will work with online reservations. This will appear on the Media Center calendar which will show up on the Media Center website.

Media Center: The Largest Classroom in the Building

Providing help in finding the best resources to do the best job.