Cold War

By: Kayleigh Quinones

Cold War

The Cold War was an economical struggle between the USSR and the U.S, which began in 1947 after WWII and ended December 26th 199.


Containment was a U.S strategy used as preventative measures against the

spread of communism. Containment was a reaction to the USSR's actions to

magnify communism.

~Iron Curtain~

The Iron Curtain was used to describe the line of separation between

the Soviet and Western Europe. The Iron Curtain expanded to the

airwaves during the cold war.

~Truman Doctrine~

The Truman Doctrine was a policy formed to go against the Soviet dominance during the Cold War. The Truman Doctrine policy said that any country or
person getting threatened by the Soviets should
be supported by the U.S.

~Marshall Plan~

The Marshall Plan was a program created by the U.S in which high amounts of

economic aid was given to any countries in Europe who had big negative

impacts after WWII. Named and proposed by

General George C. Marshall.

~Berlin Airlift~

The Berlin Airlift was a military maneuver that delivered goods and food

by air crafts into West Berlin in the late 1940's,

after the German Government had cut off

their supply paths.


NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is an alliance between European
and North American military, established after WWII,
to empower international ties.

~Korean War~

The Korean War was between the United Nations (with U.S support) and

North Korea, the ones who invaded South Korea,
it took place in the early 1950's.


McCarthyism was a campaign that was formed against alleged communists
that were in the U.S government between 1950-1954
carried out by Joseph McCarthy.

~Space Race~

The Space Race was a "competition" between the USSR for technical-knowledge control and the US resulting in the first arrival on the moon.

~U-2 Incident~

The U-2 Incident was when the Soviets shot an air missile to take out a pilot that
was on a mission to go deep in Soviet territory and
take a picture from plane in 1960.

~Eisenhower Doctrine~

The Eisenhower Doctrine is the name for a speech made by President Dwight David Eisenhower on January 5th 1957. President Eisenhower promised
any Middle Eastern country economic or military aid to help
them resist the rise of communism.


Brinkmanship was a term used during The Cold War to describe the policy of pursuing a precarious path of action, a "brink" of a catastrophe.

~Cuban Missile Crisis~

The Cuban Missile Crisis was said to be one of the "hottest" times in The Cold War. It was a skirmish between the U.S and the Soviets, in 1962, about the inhabitant missiles in Cuba.

~Bay of Pigs Invasion~

The Bay of Pigs Invasion was a failed attempt by Cuban exiles, who were supported by the U.S, to invade Cuba in 1961.