All About Me

By: Fredy Contreras

I like to play sports but mostly soccer!

I like to play sports because they are fun and challenging.I mostly like to play soccer because it's the easiest sport to play and there are leagues in soccer! Lastly because soccer is life and sports are amazing and you play against the teams you don't like and sometimes your favorite teams!

My favorite show to watch is WWE

WWE because its funny and entertaining. Also because there is action in it and I have favorite wrestlers and some actors work there too!One of my favorites from the WWE is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

I like breezy weather

I like breezy weather because it is great weather to live in and you get hugs!Also because sometimes you wear hoodies to be warm!Lastly because you feel fresh and there are beautiful leaves!

I love chinese food

I love chinese food because it is delicious! Also because whenever I smell it or see it, it makes me hungry or extra hungry! Lastly because it is yummy!

I play PS3

I play PS3 because it's fun, entertaining and you play online with your friends! My favorite games to play on it are sports,fighting and gun games! If you don't have a PS3 then you should get one and see how fun it is!