Chapter Ten

Take Two Elements, Call Me In The Morning. By Greta Rhuberg


Ag. Cu. V. Gd. S. Rh.

This chapter focused on medicinal uses of elements. He explains the use of copper and silver in plumbing and everyday use for health regulations. Gadolinium was introduced with its huge medicinal contributions due to it’s magnetic character. It is used in MRI machines and I found it’s possible use as a cancer cure rather hopeful and it actually led me to doing a little more research, just as I did later when I found out an overdose on silver can make you into a smurf. Gerhard Domagk discovered the great healing powers of prontosil (which contains Sulfur) and sparked the huge use of it as a healing agent. It was discovered with rhodium, some Parkinson’s patients were able to be “awakened” from their strange mental paralysis.

Silver (#47. Ag)

  • silver caused better health in users when used as a plate as opposed to other materials

  • kept milk from spoiling when coin of it was left in the jug

  • antibacterial

  • turns skin blue-grey permanently when ingested. “argyria”

  • Transition metal
  • Has been known and used since ancient times
  • found in its natural form

Gadolinium ( #64. Gd.)

  • fights cancer potentially

  • abundance of unpaired electrons

  • magnetized stronger than any other element

  • MRI Machines use it

  • Putting together Gd with chemicals that stick to tumors help doctors pick out tumors easily

  • raises contrast between tumors and normal flesh

  • Gd absorbs neutrons b/c the unpaired electrons, turns radioactive, goes nuclear, and shreds the tissue around it

  • has proteins that repair DNA, so tumor cells can’t rebuild

  • better than chemo and normal radiation

  • may cause kidney problems, muscles to stiffen (early stage of rigor mortis) and skin turned to a hide, or difficulty breathing

  • rare earth metal
  • Discovered by Jean Charles Galissard de Marignac in 1880
  • Named for gadolinite, the mineral in which is was found

Vanadium (#23. V.)

  • spermicide

  • instead of dissolving membrane, it snaps off tail of sperm

  • not on the market as such because it hasn’t been harnessed and tested as a medicine for human consumption

  • un-explainably raises and lowers blood glucose

  • Can be found in the waters of Mt Fuji, sold as cure for diabetes

  • transition metal
  • Found by Andrés Manuel del Rio in 1803
  • Can be found as a byproduct from uranium mining

Sulfur (#16. S.)

  • Nonmetal
  • Used since ancient times, so the discovery is unclear
  • found naturally as the element
  • Prontosil is Sulfur based
  • Prontosil saved the life of the famous President Franklin D Roosevelt

Rhodium (#45. Rh.)

  • In the platinum group
  • Transition metal
  • rare, silvery-white, and hard
  • Has been used as a miracle drug for Parkinson's disease
  • Was discovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803.
  • found as a naturally occurring metal

Copper. (#29. Cu.)

  • antibacterial

  • cheap enough for everyday use

  • used in air ducts and water pipes

  • harmless to humans, kills microbes

  • oligodynamic (self-cleaning)

  • transition metal
  • Has been known since ancient times
  • Is found as a pure substance in nature


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