TED Ed Club

have ideas you are passionate about?

TED Ed Club

Do you have ideas you are excited to share ? Do you want to learn more about public speaking skills? Are you ready to be engage with students and have conversations with students from around the world? Let's celebrate the amazing students and ideas you have to share Bishop Carroll students!


If you feel you are just not ready to present yet that's ok because we will work to develop your ideas, but you also may want to be involved by:

  • Student Leaders who assist in running the TED ED cllub meetings
  • Writer You can pitch ideas and stories to publish on the official TED- Ed blog
  • Photographer
  • PR person who sharers our ideas on on instagram or twitter or facebook
  • Artist maybe you want to share your visuals and work as a collaborator
  • Videographer you like being behind the camera and assisting your classmates

This will be a safe space to share your ideas!

To get you excited about next year check out some of these TED talks.