Drug awareness


General characteristics

The street name for this drug is called acid. The chemical name for the drug is called Lysergic acid diethylamide. LSD was created in 1938 by a man named Albert Hofmann. He created this drug by mistake while trying to find a blood stimulant.

Effects of the drug

Regular LSD use may give you flashbacks, which can cause you problems years later. A flashback is when, days, weeks, or even years later, you re-experience the effects of LSD, usually for one or two minutes. You may hallucinate again, or may have your vision and thought processes temporarily altered. Flashbacks are often triggered by stress, fatigue, or other drug use. While your pregnant and you do LSD you will have birth defects. Some of these defects are limb defects, megacolon, malformation, hydrocephalus. LSD can also LSD could directly alter DNA and result in cellular abnormalities with the child.

Legal implications regarding LSD "acid"

Minimum Penalty: 1 year and a $2,000 fine - subsequent offence

Maximum Penalty: 3 years in jail

Interesting Facts!

LSD is non-toxic. Unlike alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis, LSD doesn’t damage your body. A drinking session is worse for your brain than concussion, and smoking will make you die early, but LSD will only leaving you feeling a little bit tired and worn out the next day. In fact, despite the widespread availability of acid in the 60s (when it was legal), there has never been a case of confirmed overdose. It’s a shame, then, that it has a street name as destructive and corrosive as acid.

TEST ( Gang you already know what it is shout out EMAN JDAWG TWINAZ SPOTTY)

1. What will regular LSD use give you?

2. What is the street name?

3. What the maximum penalty for getting caught with it?

4. Is Acid toxic?

5. Did you learn anything..? If not don't say nun (Eman)