Project Unify News

Tread the Mill Update

Thanks a bunch!

It was a great day! Once final pledges come in, Tread The Mill 2013 will have raised over $5,000 for Gates County's Special Olympics. Mark your calendar now for the 3rd Annual Polar Plunge at Beaver Lake on February 8, 2014.

United We Stand

Project Unify's Buy One, Give Two (or three or four) Initiative

We are looking at a big school community project this year: United We Stand, Take Two. Two years ago we were able to have a Project Unify T-shirt for every student, custodian, teacher, administrator, cafeteria worker, bus driver, Special Olympics athletes and volunteers. Everyone wore their new shirt and spelled out the word UNITY on the football field. We want to do it again!

Project Unify does two major fundraisers each year and all funds raised are dedicated entirely to Gates County Special Olympics. Because of the success of the Polar Plunge and the Tread the Mill, Gates County Special Olympics have been able to add new sports, new equipment and updated uniforms. We look forward to continuing these two events in support of Special Olympics.

This year in addition to the two fundraisers for Special Olympics we are having a Project Unify fundraiser just for the United We Stand project.

We are taking a page from TOMS and are offering the Buy One, Give Two (or three or four) Initiative. We are selling the shirts from the past two years of events.

If you purchase one TTM shirt from the past two years ($6.00), you will be donating two Project Unify shirts for GCHS students, faculty and staff. (Buy two shirt TTM shirts, you donate four for the students). If you purchase one long sleeve PP shirt from the past two years ($10.00) you will be donating three shirts for GCHS students, faculty and staff.

Any TTM2013 shirts are available at $20.00 and you will donate six shirts for students.

We are trying to raise $2,000.00 to buy the shirts for this special project. Even now, we see at least three or four students, faculty or staff wearing these shirts on any given day. Won't you help us reach our goal?


In three years we have sponsored three Tread the Mills, two Polar Plunges and thanks to a most generous, kind and caring community coming together, we have raised almost $30,000 dollars for Gates County's Special Olympics Program since the first Tread The Mill.

How about it? Don't you want to take the next plunge?