The Martian

By Andy Weir


The Martian. Written by Andy Weir, is my favorite book I've ever read. If you like a somewhat serious and riveting book this is the book for you!


Andy Weir really took a typical stranded in the middle of nowhere scenario to the next level, the story is about a small team sent on a research mission to Mars. Ares 3 the third mission to Mars, includes the main character Mark Watney. After only a couple of days the team is forced to abort the mission and leave Mars immediately. While everyone was boarding the rocket off of Mars, Mark gets hit by some flying ruble, his team thinking he is dead leave him to prevent anyone else from getting hurt. What they didn't know is that Mark survived. Mark will then have to figure out a way to survive the dreaded Mars alone. Will he survive, Will he ever get back to Earth? If you want to find out read this book!
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