Wildcat Update

May 9-13

Definition for Maker Space

Someone recently asked for a working definition of Maker Space. In an Education Weekarticle, Benjamin Herold defines Maker Education: “The term generally refers to using a wide variety of hands-on activities (such as building, computer programming, and even sewing) to support academic learning and the development of a mindset that values playfulness and experimentation, growth and iteration, and collaboration and community. Typically, ‘making’ involves attempting to solve a particular problem, creating a physical or digital artifact, and sharing that product with a larger audience. Often, such work is guided by the notion that process is more important than results.”

“Researchers Probe Equity, Design Principles in Maker Ed.” by Benjamin Herold inEducation Week, April 20, 2016 (Vol. 35, #28, p. 8-9), www.edweek.org

Dismissal Duty - TEAM 1

Remember 3 teachers help outside and 2 inside:

Craig, Barrett, Foley, Szura, Bayless

Weekly Schedule

Monday, May 9

  • Last TST Day - thank you Cathy for serving again this year
  • Pass the Torch @ 2:00
  • Talent Show Day
  • Fire Drill in the morning
  • Book Fair Week

Tuesday, May 10

  • Talent Show
  • 1st and 3rd on field trips
  • Dinner Theater 4th grade - evening
  • Happy Birthday Debbie F.

Wednesday, May 11

  • Angie out to Leadership Meeting most of the day - Robin please check on dismissal

Thursday, May 12

  • Limo Ride Day - Greg and Angie riding in class with the winners - follow schedule in box 10:45-12:30 out - Tracy G and SPARC helping at CiCi's

Friday, May 13

  • Last Wildcat Drawing Day
  • Zoo Presentation for top 3 Box Top winning classrooms
  • PTA Meeting 9:30 a.m. - Pam Medina cover her room please

Mrs. Angie Carder

Principal at Wanda Gray