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NEWSLETTER | TERM 4 | WEEK 1 | 14 October 2022

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Message from Geordie

Welcome back to Term 4 everyone - we have hit the ground running here at St Bernie’s!

I have loved to see so many fresh, smiling faces this week and I would like to thank all the parents for having their children ready and rested for Day 1. This morning the students went over to celebrate Mass, welcome in the new term, and come together as a school and parish community. As always, a beautiful way to start the term!

This morning I was very proud to celebrate two of our staff members, Teresa McFarlane and Cathy Watts who have been recognised for 30 years of service in the CEWA system. Both Cath and Teresa are dedicated educators who have been working here at Bernie’s for many years! From myself, the staff, our students, our community and the greater system – we thank them for their hard work.

On Monday morning the Year 6 students, Mr Murtagh, Mrs Cairns, Mrs Watson, Mrs Nagle, Mrs Deshon, Mrs Cosgrove, Mrs King and myself packed our bags and headed down to Forest Edge Recreation Camp in Waroona. Our students were asked to challenge themselves, look out for and encourage their peers, build friendships and most importantly – have fun! I was so proud of the way all our students participated and behaved across the 3 days which made the camp a really enjoyable experience for everyone. Obviously, there was also a lot of hard work and organisation behind the scenes as well as time away from families so I would like to thank all the staff who volunteered so much of their time to make it a success!

Next week we look forward to our School Sports Carnival on Friday. Mrs Bowe and Mrs Watson have been working really hard to have the students ready and we look forward to some great sportsmanship and fun! We are looking forward to seeing you all down on the oval to support the kids and we will have a separate communication out early next week so you know what is going on!

Finally, just a reminder about before and after school procedures. If arriving before the bell at 8.35am, all Year 1- 6 students should go and wait in the undercover area where there is a teacher on duty from 8.15am to 8.35am. If students are waiting with parents they may do so, however, no students should be playing on the equipment before school please. When parents let their students play, it becomes very difficult to stop other students from joining in and we do not have the staff there to supervise it.

In the afternoon, parents are welcome to hang around and chat after school, supervising their children on the playground. Please note that staff do not have duty of care at this time and can I please ask/remind everyone that due to insurance and compliance reasons, parents and students need to be offsite by 3.30pm please.

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine. I am looking forward to getting out on the bike for a few big rides!


Athletics Carnival- Friday 21st October.

Further information will be sent out early next week.

We do require a few more parent helpers, if you are able to assist please let the office know.

Uniform & Grooming

A reminder that Students are expected to show pride in themselves and their school by paying attention to their personal appearance. We will be focusing on this next week and going forward into Term 4 so please ensure that:

Clothing is clean and in a good state of repair.

Nail Polish and Make Up is not permitted.


  • Shoulder length hair or longer is to be tied back.
  • Hair is to be tidy and away from the face.
  • Hair Accessories- black, brown, navy blue or red.
  • Any change to hair colour should be in natural toning only. -
  • Hairstyles are to be moderate and not extreme (Number 1 haircuts or chiselled pattern hair styles are considered extreme).
  • No hair wraps and or bead/coloured braiding.


  • The only jewellery permitted is: - Wristwatch / Smartwatches - Smartwatches are to be used as per iPad Code of Conduct Agreement.
  • Earrings which are small sleepers or plain studs - one only in the lobe of the ear.
  • One chain with religious symbol, to be worn under clothing.
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Year 6 Camp: Forest Edge

At camp there was a lot of enjoyable activities like pamper pole, big fox, and target shooting. At camp you can conquer your fears and phobias. And have fun with people that you don't normally talk with. Forest Edge Camp is an amazing place to go camping with school, friends or family.

- Kayla

My favourite of the whole camp was when we got to do the water activities. It was so fun because we got to get wet! - Quaid

My favourite activity at camp was the Pamper Pole because it was fun climbing up the pole and jumping off. The kayaking was also really fun with the communication skills and just doing it. I had a great time and hope to do it again. - Yohann

The best part of camp was Mrs Nagle on the Flying Fox when she forgot to drop the rope to the instructors. So, for the rest of the camp the naughty staff called her 'Nagle- drop the rope!'

The Year 6 crew were the best fellow campers to go on camp with. They tried everything and did not give up even when the heavens opened up and it started to hail!!!!! (Apart from 2 certain members of staff who hid in the nice warm bus!) - Mrs Cairns

My favourite part was doing the abseiling - Cian

Camp is so much fun to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. My favourite activity at camp was the Pamper Pole and the Abseil Tower. Camp also helps with team bonding and getting to know other people. I loved camp very much! - Lily

Camp was a really cool experience for not only me for all the year 6 students. We all conquered one of our fears and I definitely know that I conquered one of my fears. Every activity we learnt something new. One of the things that I learnt at the crate stack was even if something is hard to learn like math, just practise and when you practise enough you will pass your goal and get even higher in life. - Lila

My favourite part of camp was when we went on the zip line. It was my favourite because we got to go with our friends, we were so high up in the sky and it went so fast. - Jennifer

My favourite thing was crate climbing, you would stack up crates and one person would climb. You would need to hit a rope that was in the air. It would help us with our communication skills. If you hit the rope your team would win, after a couple rounds you would do it blindfolded. - Lucas

My favourite part of the camp was when we went to the Pamper Pole and jumped off it because it was funny seeing everyone jump off. When I did it I wasn't scared. but it was still fun and I loved cheering my friends on, it was soooooooooo fun and people definitely conquered some fears - Harry

WASO String Quartet

Our school was fortunate to have the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra (WASO) String Quartet perform for our Year 4, 5 and 6 students on Thursday. It was a lovely hour of music, interactive fun and learning about the string instruments; such a treat for our students!

Ricky Grace Basketball - only a few spots left for Term 4!

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Community News: Rotary Club Youth Photography Awards

Congratulations to Patrick S in 3R who won 1st place in his his age group and Stella S in 5R who was awarded 2nd place for her entry. Well done to you both!

These winning photo's are on display at the Baldivis Shopping Centre so if you are in the area, pop in and have a look!

Things to look out for next week

  • Scottish Dancing - Monday 17 October: 3.15 - 4.00pm
  • Year 5 Blue - Night of the Notables - Tuesday 18 October: 5.00 - 7.00pm
  • Ricky Grace Basketball - Wednesday 19 October: 7.45 - 8.30am
  • Year 5 Red - Night of the Notables - Wednesday 19 October: 5.00 - 7.00pm
  • Athletics Carnival - Friday 21 October

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