God vs. Science

What are the major conflict between those two?

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What happened?

This debate have been going on in the recent years. Christians believe that God created humans while science is proving the evolution.

Christian's Point of View-

God is the father to all life on earth and has created the Universe himself. Religion denies all science that is against the teaching of religion. Therefore they will deny certain scientific facts or discoveries, or near irrefutable theories such as evolution, which has never been refuted. Then what is the point.

True or False?

Scientist's Point of View-

While religion makes claims about the supernatural, science damns the concept of the supernatural. Science relies completely on evidence and fact, whereas religion is almost completely based on faith and conjecture. They contradict each other in the most basic sense.Religion will only slow down science, and take away from science. Religion and Science can never co-exist because they will always contradict each other, they are the opposite sides of the scales.

Opinion from Author-

Religion and science.

What most people tend to forget without religion we would not have science. The first literature humanity read were the Book of Gods. And the main foundation of science, which people tend to forget, is Islam. With Islam you start to learn about the Cosmo's, we get medical improvements and we learn more about our purpose. For example, Why does Allah (God) talk about the bee and emphasis the importance of the bees in the Quran? Later in the 20th century we find out that we need Bees to pollen ate our flowers and plants in order for the world to work, without the Bees how would the natural world work.