Ragen Myers and Jacqueline Fairfield

General Overview

Pakistan is in Southern Asia, bordering Afghanistan, China, India, and Iran. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. The population of Pakistan is 182.1 million people. Some large cities include Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad. Karachi is the most populous metropolitan city of Pakistan. Lahore is the main cultural center of Pakistan. Faisalabad is a major industrial center in the heart of Pakistan. Pakistan has 3 seasons including winter, summer, and monsoon. Winter is from November to March and is warm, but cooled by ocean breezes. Summer is from April to July and has extreme temperatures. Monsoon is from July to September and has the largest amount of rainfall out of all the seasons.

Problems Facing Pakistan

Some problems that Pakistan face are poverty, illiteracy, and terrorism. 40% of Pakistan is in poverty and do not have basic necessities for life. 50% of Pakistan's citizens, 15 years or older, are illiterate. Terrorism has became a major destructive issue in recent years in Pakistan. Terrorist attacks in Pakistan have killed over 35,000 people and cost the government $67 billion.

Cultural Patterns

Some religions in Pakistan are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and other. Muslim is the most popular religion is Pakistan. The only official language is Urdu, although English is used in the lingua franca of the Pakistani elite and most of the government ministries. Other languages that are spoke in Pakistan are Punjabi, Siraiki, and Sindhi. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting is no eating, drinking, cigarette smoking, or gum chewing.