The Famous Birdman

And his very weird and confusing life


Have you ever heard of Birdman? Well if you haven't then your gonna be in for a weird, but informative ride, Because your gonna be learning about is crazy but interesting life!

Life before his evil doings

Birdman (also known as Robert Stroud was born in January 28, 1890! Little did he and his mother know that in 1903 he was gonna commit is first crime of many others in the future! His first crime was for killing a Bartender for not paying a prostitute!

Later on in 1911 he was finally convicted of manslaughter and that’s where it all started!

His Jail life before Alcatraz

After he was convicted of manslaughter he was first sent to McNeil island which is a Federal penitentiary! (His record at McNeil indicates that he was violent and difficult to manage. On one occasion, Stroud viciously murdered a hospital orderly who he insisted had reported him to the administration for attempting to procure narcotics through intimidation and threats. another time he stabbed a fellow inmate. He then got an additional six-months added on to his sentence for his horrible behaviour)

Shortly after he was transferred to leavenworth prison in 1916. Sense he was denied a visit with his brother he killed a guard in front of eleven thousand inmates in the mess hall! He was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death by hanging. And was ordered to await his death sentence in solitary confinement. But because of Robert Stroud’s mother pleading for his life in 1920 president woodrow wilson took away his death sentence and instead made it life in imprisonment without parole. As a result of Stroud's unpredictable and violent actions, Warden T.W. Morgan said that Stroud be permanently placed in the segregation unit, to live out his sentence in total solitude!

Birdman's weird but interesting hobby in Leavenworth

After a while of being in total solitude in leavenworth he found an injured Canaries (Bird) and the prison allowed him to take it into his cell, later he ended up nursing it back to health! And before you knew it he had over 300 birds in his cell! He did a lot of studying on them and found out some stuff about canaries that would later help with research about them. The guards later found that all the stuff they were giving him to help the bird was being used to make a alcoholic maker. So they confiscated all his stuff and in 1942 he was sent to the rock! (Alcatraz)

The Great Birdman Of Alcatraz

When he was sent there he was again put in total solitude! But this time instead of having birds in his cell he got book writing materials. He wrote the book, Diseases of canaries, and Stroud’s Digest on the diseases of birds. And because of his books he wrote he got called the birdman of alcatraz and was one of the most famous inmates there!

A while later he was sent to a hospital prison and died there in 1963!