corey hilderbrand

My parents i live with

My mother candace is the best person in my life without her i would be nothing. she has been there for me since before i was born.

my step father Dewayne is also a person in a big chunk of my life i actually get some of my personality from him. he is my main father figure. Even though i have a good father in Ohio i hardly get to see him.

favorite memory

my favorite memory i cant really think of a favorite but i can think of a good, and that was during this summer. i went to the bill rice ranch which is a church camp. It has this cowboy them to it yet we play more sports there, and for the first time ever are church won first place in football out of many other churches and we were like the smallest ones there. it kind of made me learn that you don't have to be the biggest and badest. as long as you try and have a great attitude about it.

favorite animal

My favorite animal is a dog just because I've had one ever since I was like eight and she is still with me today her name is babygirl and every night all I have to do is call her name and she comes running into my bed. she is like my best friend that I cant talk to.

favorite hobby

lately my favorite hobby is some where in between going to the gym because I am trying to get in shape and working at Brookshire's just because I like to see the paycheck come every week.