Megan Bell and Ashleigh Little


Deism is the belief that God created the universe and set it in motion. He does not interfere with anything but instead the laws of science are what have control. Deism is derived from "deus", the latin word for god.


Cause: Deism was built on the idea of Newtonian world machine. It is believed that god created the universe and had no interference once he set it in motion after that it was governed by the law of science. It was popular during the enlightenment because of Newton's Laws of Motion.

Characteristics: People who practice Deism don't worship at all. Atheism, not believing in a God at all is the the opposite of Deism.

Significance: Since Deism is a very enlightened approach to a religion many of the believers are freethinkers. For example, many of the founding fathers were believers in Deism and that helped them successfully create the workings of the United States. There are many people who do practice Deism today and it is a belief system that affects how people think and live their lives.