Goddess Hercules

By Jasmin Esquivel


Hercules is one of the strongest heroes ever alive stronger then any God or goddess

Powers Of Hercules 💪

Hercules is best known as the strongest of all mortals and even stronger than many gods because when a snake tried to kill Hercules when he was younger at the age 4 or 5 he got the snake and killed it with his own hands ever thought of a child doing that today?


The symbol for Hercules is a wooden club. Even though he was the half-human son of Zeus Hercules was also the embodiment of the truth heroism and determination. Many of his other attributes are also a significant factor that made his myth so important to people.

Hercules Details Of Him

Hercules hair color is red his eye color is blue he lives in Greece and had fought many wars when he was alive

Hercules Family Or Friends

The family Hercules has is his father Zeus , mother Hera and friends are Phil and Pegasus and on with the army of his war team gather

Children Of Hercules

Hercules had many children one of them was Zeus but he had so many children that some died in war or others where born dead