Isabella d'Este

Italian art patron

Isabella d'Este's background

She is a patron and known for Renaissance learning of the arts and literature. Isabella was the first lady of the renaissance. She was born in 1474. Marchese Francesco Gonzaga was her husband he was born in and died in (1466-1519) she had five children Eleonora , Federico , Ippolita, Ercole/Luigi , Ferrante , and Livia Osanna . When she was born she became apart of the ruling family of Ferra.

Isabella d'Este's greatest achivements

She was a very successful collector of antiques. Isabella d'Este started and all girls school in Mantua. Her first duty was to produce male heirs. Her second duty was to co-regnant of the mantuan states. All five of her kids lived to see their adulthood.

Isabella d'Este's impact on the world today

She opened an all girls Private school and a lot of districts are now opening all girls or all boys private schools. She got very close with many different types of artist and that is why now we see lots of paintings of her. When she was ruling she set the example for woman to break free of what society thinks they should be and just be them selves.

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You could go to two city's Ferrara Italy or Mantua italy. You could visit many different websites and i have a few listed in my recorces.

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Interesting Facts About Isabella d'Este

By the age of sixteen Isabella was able to speak multiple languages including Greek and Latin. She also played a musical instrument called the lute . She sang and danced for fun. Also she debated with people much older than her that should know more about the topic. Her husband left her but he still ruled part of Mantua with her when he died she took over and ruled Mantua by herself.

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