May and June Events

Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center

STILL SPACE for SUMMER NATURE DAYS CAMP. First three weeks in August


– Open registration; choose one or more of our week-long sessions, each held Mon.–Fri., 9:30 am to 3 pm. Dates: Aug. 1–5, Aug. 8–12, and Aug. 15–19.

For children 5 to 11 years old who love the outdoors and wildlife, these popular classes will be not only educational but also a chance to explore the 156 acres the park offers. We will visit a variety of habitats in the park such as wetlands, fields, and woodlands. A great choice for a fun late-summer experience!

TUITION PER WEEK: $150 priority students (Ansonia residents and current family-level FANCI members); $175 all others.

Monday, Aug. 1st, 9:30am to Friday, Aug. 19th, 3pm

10 Deerfield Road

Ansonia, CT

FAMILY ORGANIC GARDEN PROGRAM ---------- Friday, May 20 –June 17----3:30–5 pm

Food Corps and ANC will lead fun, family-friendly activities in our organic garden. Learn about growing a variety of fruits and vegetables. Dress appropriately; keep in mind you might get water and/or soil on your clothing. Closed-toe shoes, please!

FREE, with the potential to take home fresh local produce! Please register 203 736-1053


What are those weird things that pop up in the woods after the rain? Are you mystified by wild mushrooms? Curious? Scared? Or do they make you hungry? Join a foraging family who hunt, photograph, identify, and eat the fungi in New England. The three foragers are from southeast CT and members of the CT Valley Mycological Society, Connecticut–Westchester Mycological Association, and the North American Mycological Association. This program will dispel myths, teach how to safely identify mushrooms, and discuss mycophagy, the cooking and eating of wild mushrooms. Bring mushrooms you find in your yard and we’ll use our newly learned skills to identify them.

FEE: $5 per person; please call to register. 203 736-1053

FULL FLOWER MOON HIKE –------------ Saturday. May 21, 7:30 pm

Flowers spring forth in abundance this month, so join our Nature Center staff for this nighttime fragrance hike. Some Algonquin tribes knew this full moon as the Corn Planting Moon.

FEE: $1.00; please register. 203 736-1053

NATURE AS A HEALER WITH,---------- MARLOW D. J. SHAMI -------------------– Sunday. May 22, 2 pm

Join Marlow Shami—teacher, artist, and writer—for an experiential workshop in experiencing the simple power of nature’s healing effects through guided meditation, natural-healing touch, and out-of-doors activities with Nature. Participants learn simple yet profound methods of connecting one’s inner nature with the web of life, and in the process, deepen sensitivity to Nature’s wisdom. No meditation experience necessary. All that’s needed is a blanket/mat if you prefer to lie down for meditation and comfortable clothes for in and out of doors.

FREE. Please register in advance. 203 736-1053

NATURE’S CHILD: Creatures of Redwing Pond – Fri. June 3, 10 am

Join the Nature Center staff for a fun morning catching frogs and other creatures of Redwing Pond. We’ll start with a small talk on the animals that inhabit the pond. Then we will use our collection equipment to catch, observe, and release these critters.

TUITION: $7 per child ($5.00 for family-level FANCI members and Ansonia residents). Please pre-register for this class for preschoolers and their adults.

CT TRAILS DAY – Sat. June 4, 9 am

Join Nature Center director Alison Rubelmann and Ranger Dan Bosques for this morning walk. Discover the flora and fauna of our typical New England woodland. This moderate hike will also visit the settlement of the Paugasucks. Bring water and snacks, and wear sturdy shoes. Suitable for older children and adults. FREE; call to register

TREE I.D. HIKE – Sun. June 5, 1 pm

The towering giants that fill our forests have many uses and many names. Learn all about the trees we have here in CT, what they are used for, where they grow, which ones you can use for food, and which ones are best for lighting fires. You’ll learn not only how to I.D. trees by their leaves, but also by their bark!

FREE. Please register and wear appropriate shoes.

PRIMITIVE FIRE SKILLS – Sat. June 11, 10 am

Join Tom Nedweden, primitive technologist, in the art of fire making. Two hundred and fifty years ago this skill could have meant life or death. This ability, no longer widely known, will be shared with you. Learn where to find the best firewood when you’re stranded in the wilderness, the types of trees and other plants used to make tinder bundle, and how to create our very own coals to ignite the blaze!

FEE: $5 per person. Please register; all children must be accompanied by an adult

OUTDOOR LIVING SKILLS: Lashing Project III – Sat. June 18, 10 am

Join Ranger Dan for the final session of his Lashing Projects. Hike into the forest, find a suitable group of trees, and build a raised platform using what we find in nature! Our goal is to build a tree house using our lashing skills.

FREE; please register in advance.


Che Cartafalsa is a musician, instrument maker, and educator whose work has ranged from concert halls and orchestras to rock bands and West African street weddings. He has played in the Northeast as a member of Toubabou and the White-Eyed Lizard

Band, Che passes on to his students what he has learned from African percussion masters, emphasizing instrumental technique, listening skills, and multilayered rhythms in percussion. Authentic instruments will help us learn traditional African rhythms. FREE; please register for this family program.


The Algonquin tribes knew this moon as a time to gather the ripening strawberries. It is also known as the Rose Moon. Join the Nature Center rangers for this nighttime exploration of the park’s trails as we follow the scents of the summer through the forest and fields. This adventure is geared toward adults and children. Wear sturdy shoes. Enjoy the summer fire too! FEE: $1.00; please register.