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we are good at making soda!

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we make good soda!

Try our specialty: The Pink Drink©

Our most popular italian soda includes all gluten free, vegetarian, and organic indigents!

It is very tasty (ish) and has exceeding amounts of potential to make you smile. This drink has reached the lips of multiple famous people and is soon to reach many many more! We have created sodas for Obama, Tay Tay Swift, Katniss Everdeen, Spongebob Squarepants, and even George Washington. Do you want to be among the famous? Swing by our multiple locations in:

- Belize

- Guatemala

- South Africa

- Zimbabwe

- Eastern Russia

- Austria

- Laos


- Parker, CO

You'll never find such high quality drinks! Looking to lose weight? Don't come here! There aren't many nutritional bonuses to this drink, but the happiness you will experience cannot be replicated. Seeking fame, fortune, or even liquid success? TRY THE PINK DRINK NOW.

(unless you're lactose intolerant)