Walter Mitty the Daydreamer

Calvin Thomas


The author's text structure defines the characterization of Walter Mitty by imaginative, passive, and unrespected.

Claim 1

First, Walter Mitty is imaginative. This is supported by some of his daydreams are connected to real life. Therefore, he daydreams a lot of the time.
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Claim 2

Secondly, Walter Mitty is a passive person. Mitty does not have many things to look foreward to in his life. Walter Mitty does not have the opportunity to go ou into the world much.
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Claim 3

Third fact is that Walter Mitty is unrespected. People do not respect Mitty's decisions in work and in general out in the world. The people also do not notice or honor his authority.
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There are many different characteristics that are imposed on Walter Mitty because of the text structure.